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Hello everyone and welcome to new post by @cityofstars
as you know we are here to post and release some music but today we will stop to support Steem blockchain and it projects like @dtube that the project that we use it to upload videos and built on Steem blockchain.

so here it is in Stateofthedapps
when you go in it you will see many of dapps and here of course we want to support Steem, so here we will click on Steem section to show all projects that's built on steem blockchain :



As you see here those are all projects that built on Steem blockchain now let's choose for an example steemit and support it and the page will show as the picture below :


and as you see we will click on smiley emoji or face to support it as i circled it and then a feedback box will shows up as you see here :


here put your feedback of this project "Steemit" or you can just click on "Submit feedback" with out writing anything then a thanks message will shows up :


And here we supported "Steemit" project, hope you do the same for all projects that's built on Steem blockchain to take it to the moon as soon as possible :)

Special thanks to @nathanmars @altouq @angeltirado @ubay0077 @khaimi @preetbangar @kkarenmp @gaborockstar @altoo @altooq @sajjad2005 @altooqn @anime7 @aou @hasan1981 @na9oor @alifardan32 for keeping supporting us :)

and big thanks for dtubefamily777
Have a good day everyone :)


good job :)

Awesome will do! :)

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Thanks for support Steem :)

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