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Steemit is developing every day and since I have joined many things are different. I am at Steemit around ten months and there is much more users then in August 2017. when I have joined. Many of new users are not active but thanks to @penguinpablo and his stats, we can see that there is much more daily active users now than before:

I expect this trend to continue at even faster rate.

After ten months on Steemit there are some things that I would like to be different.

First thing I would like to be different is that Steemet has DIRECT MESSAGES.

I have met many interesting people and now if I want some communication with them that I don't want to be public, I have to use Discord or some other similar social network.
I am sure that direct messaging would improve Steemit friendship circle.

Second thing is better USER INTERFACE.

Many users prefer instead of because of better user interface.
I would like to have some handy improvements like how much voting power I have, who upvoted me or flaged me. Mostly things that you have now at

Third thing is USER SEARCH.

I would like that we have possibility to search for users like on many other social networks. To write username and to get user suggestions. This simple thing would make user search much easier.

Forth thing that I would like to have is USER ALERTS.

Many users following lot of people and because of that it would be great for me if I could have possibility to set alert when my favorite users post something. I have some friends here like @sames and @fullcoverbetting and I would like to have alert whenever they post or comment something. This feature is very important and like in your phonebook you have your contacts and your favorite contact, at Steemit I have users that I follow but some of them I like more and they are my favorites.


New user start is not easy if you don't have money to invest at the beginning and there has to be solution to for that. First week of using new social network is crucial and if somebody has bad first impression, he will leave and never come back.
My idea is that there should be developed some upvote bot for promoting posts from new users for free, for example first two months. That period would be enough for new users to gain followers if they write interesting posts and integration to Steemit would be much easier. I think this is crucial for Steemit growth.

These are my impressions after ten months of using Steemit and of course that there is much more things that could be different and better but these are things that it would make using Steemit much easier.

I would like to hear what you don't like on Steemit and what things would you like to be different.



I agree with you on direct messaging feature. Its really needed. There is no mechanism to privately chat with another user without broadcasting it to the entire steemit blockchain. A feature desperately needed.

May be encrypting all the chat message it might be possible by broadcasting. Only the receiver can decrypt from his private key. Yesterday i see how we can encrypt the memo field on transaction and only re decrypted with the receiver memo private key

Yes, but waaay too complicated for the average user. User friendly is what Steemit should be striving for. Even Discord can be complexing and intimidating to first-timers.

teemit bitshares and eos to the moon

steemit can be really huge next few years

It's good your being vocal about these suggestions on Steemit, we need to speak up or these things will never get resolved. Hopefully the devs see this post. I think the most important one is number #5. If I didn't have SP, I likely would have quit in my first two months on here. Many of my friends have joined this platform thinking they will make money, and they post some great content, but don't receive many upvotes or comments other than my own. I agree with your fifth point but the money has to come from somewhere :/

You are absolutely correct. I am agree with you @cicbar. I joined in steemit in march 2018..And i am regular user. I like steemit and it is good to post here because by post we can earn. Discord is also a very great server to communicate with others steemit people.

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Not too much 😁

Hi @cicbar, what do you mean about Steemet? All points you write are fucking right! You understood what is main problem of this Steemit: interaction! And please do not tell me that there is steemchat....

@cicbar you have been stolen again
Shall we downvote it

Yes. I really don't understand those people who just copy paste somebody's article...

My God, he didn't even make an effort to correct the title mistake! It should be “improvements”, @cicbar. :)

Hvala na ispravci 😁

Нема на чему, @cicbar :)


You are welcome. Friends take care of each other.
Already installed Gina bot like Stimp mentioned in your previous post? This how I did find out. I got a mention that I was mentioned in a post.
Curious as I am, I did check it out, because I did not know the person.
Did upvote your post, but didn't had the chance to read it, will be done later today. First I have to fight with one of the hedges at home!

I was delegated some SP when I was first started but it wasn’t much. Still a nice gesture.

Steemit is growing faster than ever, I feel sorry for all the friends I told abot steemit last year, they laughed on idea
Today they are scrambling to have their own IDs on steemit :P

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