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Steemit is developing every day and since I have joined many things are different. I am at Steemit around ten months and there is much more users then in August 2017. when I have joined. Many of new users are not active but thanks to @penguinpablo and his stats, we can see that there is much more daily active users now than before:

I expect this trend to continue at even faster rate.

After ten months on Steemit there are some things that I would like to be different.

First thing I would like to be different is that Steemet has DIRECT MESSAGES.

I have met many interesting people and now if I want some communication with them that I don't want to be public, I have to use Discord or some other similar social network.
I am sure that direct messaging would improve Steemit friendship circle.

Second thing is better USER INTERFACE.

Many users prefer instead of because of better user interface.
I would like to have some handy improvements like how much voting power I have, who upvoted me or flaged me. Mostly things that you have now at

Third thing is USER SEARCH.

I would like that we have possibility to search for users like on many other social networks. To write username and to get user suggestions. This simple thing would make user search much easier.

Forth thing that I would like to have is USER ALERTS.

Many users following lot of people and because of that it would be great for me if I could have possibility to set alert when my favorite users post something. I have some friends here like @sames and @fullcoverbetting and I would like to have alert whenever they post or comment something. This feature is very important and like in your phonebook you have your contacts and your favorite contact, at Steemit I have users that I follow but some of them I like more and they are my favorites.


New user start is not easy if you don't have money to invest at the beginning and there has to be solution to for that. First week of using new social network is crucial and if somebody has bad first impression, he will leave and never come back.
My idea is that there should be developed some upvote bot for promoting posts from new users for free, for example first two months. That period would be enough for new users to gain followers if they write interesting posts and integration to Steemit would be much easier. I think this is crucial for Steemit growth.

These are my impressions after ten months of using Steemit and of course that there is much more things that could be different and better but these are things that it would make using Steemit much easier.

I would like to hear what you don't like on Steemit and what things would you like to be different.


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I agree with you on direct messaging feature. Its really needed. There is no mechanism to privately chat with another user without broadcasting it to the entire steemit blockchain. A feature desperately needed.


May be encrypting all the chat message it might be possible by broadcasting. Only the receiver can decrypt from his private key. Yesterday i see how we can encrypt the memo field on transaction and only re decrypted with the receiver memo private key


Yes, but waaay too complicated for the average user. User friendly is what Steemit should be striving for. Even Discord can be complexing and intimidating to first-timers.

My idea is that there should be developed some upvote bot for promoting posts from new users for free, for example first two months.

This is a good point of view. My thoughts on this are there are abusers everywhere who will take advantage of it. The #introduceyourself blog is most crucial in my point who needs a show of support of the community while having a picture holding Steemit Card. As time goes by, and to continuous effort of the developers we can see some better changes in the future. Hodl on and buckle up! We gonna see the moon very soon


Good pint, agree with you!

teemit bitshares and eos to the moon

steemit can be really huge next few years

It's good your being vocal about these suggestions on Steemit, we need to speak up or these things will never get resolved. Hopefully the devs see this post. I think the most important one is number #5. If I didn't have SP, I likely would have quit in my first two months on here. Many of my friends have joined this platform thinking they will make money, and they post some great content, but don't receive many upvotes or comments other than my own. I agree with your fifth point but the money has to come from somewhere :/

You are absolutely correct. I am agree with you @cicbar. I joined in steemit in march 2018..And i am regular user. I like steemit and it is good to post here because by post we can earn. Discord is also a very great server to communicate with others steemit people.


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Not too much 😁

Hi @cicbar, what do you mean about Steemet? All points you write are fucking right! You understood what is main problem of this Steemit: interaction! And please do not tell me that there is steemchat....

@cicbar you have been stolen again
Shall we downvote it


Yes. I really don't understand those people who just copy paste somebody's article...


My God, he didn't even make an effort to correct the title mistake! It should be “improvements”, @cicbar. :)


Hvala na ispravci 😁


Нема на чему, @cicbar :)






You are welcome. Friends take care of each other.
Already installed Gina bot like Stimp mentioned in your previous post? This how I did find out. I got a mention that I was mentioned in a post.
Curious as I am, I did check it out, because I did not know the person.
Did upvote your post, but didn't had the chance to read it, will be done later today. First I have to fight with one of the hedges at home!

I was delegated some SP when I was first started but it wasn’t much. Still a nice gesture.

Steemit is growing faster than ever, I feel sorry for all the friends I told abot steemit last year, they laughed on idea
Today they are scrambling to have their own IDs on steemit :P

Good points. The frontend is still like a MVP

For the growth of the active users, I have started writing guide posts for beginners (newer than me even!)
I have tried to answer questions I was struggling to find answers for.... I'd be glad if you take a look and tell me if they are informative or maybe better to stop them!

@cicbar, did you know that if you add "#"before private message on Steemit you'll send encrypted message? Only you and the one you've send it will see it only.


This seems to be one of Steemit's most inherant problems... complexities that are only discovered by climbing down deep into the rabbit hole. Most noobs barely peer down into the hole before quitting.


@retiredinsamar, one of the most global problems I see is complete lack of groups and the interface. It's so impractical to discover new posts!


Didn't know that but it is still not same like direct message.

Hi, I think there is a bit an answer to your Fifth Thing. @steemengineteam have a site where new steemit user can easily gain followers and some upvotes... hope any minnows may find it helpful too as it helps Me...


Thank you for letting us know about it @ladytsfrancine this would be a great help for new user like me


Nice. Didn't know about that :-)


and I strongly agree to your First Thing... it would be better if we have that Direct Message to communicate privately with other users


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Hello, your article is very interesting. Particularly your suggestions seem very good, since we have many users, we do not have many possibilities to obtain rewards, call comments and votes, therefore we do not advance as we would like in the scale of category .. We are unknown to everyone's eyes. We can have followers, but no votes or comments ... Sometimes discourage!

Let make it clear. We would like steemit to maintain FB functionality but keeping steemit rules

@cicbar Do you already have an account?
If so, why don’t you write the posts via the busy frontend and add the busy tag as last tag. This way you will have for sure each post an upvote from the bot, good for around $0.7. That’s just free money!
If not, I can give you my referral link 😂
@costanza already mentioned the Gina bot. This runs via Discord. It will give you notifcations, which you do want to have! If you like I can write a post about it! I am using it since a week of 2! Always glad to write down me experience with it!
Direct messaging could indeed be handy!


I have account but I don't use it. I am Steemit supporter 😁


Everybody has his own preferences, so I will respect it :)

If you want to know how much voting power you have, who voted for you etc etc, you can use steemd.

Here is your activity on steemd:

I think they just pull everything from the blockchain that has to do with your account.


I know that we have that data at and but wouldn't be nice that we have that on



Steemd is run by witness @roadscape - you could try to lobby him to ask that Steemit includes the feed in our accounts - they could just set up a new tab called "activity" - all the work has been done, steemit could simply copy the code and go.

The messenger would be a great idea. I've mentioned it also in some of my posts and glad to see that you talk about it also. On the interface is also some work needed and I am on the same side of users for more than a week.
The easier start for new users with a voting bot would be a little bit difficult I guess considering that some of them might post plagiarized content or some kind of spam, but solutions can always be found.
Glad that you wrote about this topics since I am always searching for the better way in everything and hope that someone who has influence at Steemit will read your post and start making some changes. Otherwise the platform and the user experience is pretty good.
Hope you don't mind if I resteem you post ;-)


Sure. Thanks 😁

I think this wish list is feasible and will be done as the platform evolves and improves. I’m starting to see more and more you tubers on dtube. They seem to like the direct pay nature of steemit over the over-corporatized pay system of YouTube. Some of them had millions of followers over there. Just think I’d a person had a million followers on steemit! Wow the potential is wide open. Improvements will come!

Steemit emang extraordinary

User Alerts can be received on Discord thanks to @ginabot (see this post) I have yet to try it out myself.

Something I would like to see added is a warning for the dust threshold (When upvoting something so payout is between 0.00$-0.019$ it gets turned into dust when it is supposed to be paid out unless more upvotes came in to get it abve that amount)

To counter the fact that smaller accounts are mostly unable to upvote comments on their own just to show appreciation or to give a sign that it's been read, it would be nice if there was an option on posts and comments to directly send an SBD tip. This would give sbd also a good usecase.

Steemit would be better if it had a better userinterface and more indicators like has even though the @steem-plus brower plugin provides all those (I would recommend to try it out)

I hope the communities hivemind update will bring a lot of improvements to the platform.

Hi, nice summary and good suggestions, needing to rely on the wallet functions for Direct Messages is realy tiresome, so this is definitely needed. Have you tried out busy yet? It has a hugely better user-interface including notifications, user-search and quite a few features more. I actually use it most of the time, steemit being reserved for transfers only.


I am still using Steemit but thinking to start using


Sir plz give me vote

I fully share the desire of all the good people of this community to make the rewards system here more representative of the quality, and not the longevity/cronyism of the poster. Ned's latest comments in Korea are very promising. However, the options for rewarding our contributors represent a continuum. At present we are at one end of the spectrum--rewarding longevity, and ignoring quality. Ned's "solution' (one person-one vote) represents the other end of that same spectrum. IMHO, it would be as unworkable as the current situation.

Right now, with all the bots posting and these 3rd-world mail-order bride memberships, one-man/one-vote will STILL result in poor content being unfairly rewarded. What we need is a middle ground--a weighting system that (for example) gives 70+ reputation members 7 times the voting weight of a 10-rep member, 3.5 times that of a 20-rep...and so on. A 60+ reputation member would get 6 times the weight of a 10-rep, 3 times that of a 20-rep, etc. a 50+ rep member would get 5 times the weight of a 10, rep, 2.5 times the weight of a 20-rep, etc. I think you get the idea. This algorithm could, of course be made even more exacting, and the weighting is just an example.

Still, it would be a vast improvement over the current system where someone like Haejin can post an article with average ( or even below average) content and get $500-1000 SBD, whereas an excellent article by a newbie might get nothing, or get his measly $.01 or $.02 "dusted."

The reason the U.S.A. has been so successful (except for the past 40 years, or so) was because our government was a blending of the spectrum of possible leadership/reward structures. We chose the middle path (a republic) between the opposing tyrannies of monarchy and absolute democracy. The Steemit community must do the same.

Egalitarianism and meritocracy must be our watch words as we strive, rightly, to put the best content forward as possible.


Interesting idea about weighting system. Me personally would like that we have SP limit like in many video games. That you can have STEEM as much as you want but SP is limited. That is topic for my next article...


That would sure cut down on abuse!


Yep.. I would definitely add your wrinkle into the mix. No single post is worth $5,000-$15,000 which could be going to minnows to encourage more quality content.



All of your concerns would be good improvements and they have been bantered around on Steemit time and time again. I've been here almost one year and while I have seen some slight improvements, mostly in esthetics, I continue to see more negative things like more bad bots and vote buying (which destroys the very foundation of premise) and now dusting of account votes (where .01 and .02 votes are sucked up as dust by ???), becoming a lose-lose situation for minnows. You are right about first impressions... Steemit does not leave a good one and is why so many accounts remain inactive. Oh, have you been to SteemThat lately?


I have never used SteemThat. Looks nice :-) New eSteem Surfer has most things that I want. Probably will start to use it. Thanks :-)


SteemThat has a ways to go, working out some functionality issues, but I think Eric @Binkley is on the right track. Will check out eSteem Surfer... thanks! 👍

Great post @cicbar

I think that alerts for getting a mention would be good. For instance I linked someone else's active post to one of my own but then had to let them know about it on an older thread.

An alert for receiving and upvote on one of your comments on somebody else's post.

How about pinning a users introductory post to the top of their page. If ever I'm interacting with a new friend and I want to get a quick overview I need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of their page.

I agree with all your suggestions though.

Cheers, Gaz.


I like pinning idea. Thanks for sharing :-)


You're Welcome. 😁

Direct messages will be probably added in the future, I saw today that there's developed Steemit Messenger, but it's still in beta version. You can see it here
Also, one bad thing which I noticed is that they canceled view counter at the end of the text, so we can't have statistics of our content :)


Agree. View counter was nice.


But I have read, that it's because it showed incorrect data, so maybe thay will work on it in future and bring it back

Very nice post.
Have been thinking about most of what you just wrote about steemit.
Especially the notification and direct message aspect .
Between you grow so fast, would love to know the secrets to your success 😂😂😂😂😂😂


Thanks! There is no secret...


very entertaining your post brother I like the post with good text and nutrient content for readers @cicbar ☆☆☆☆☆
Greetings from Venezuela

Well elaborated post about the things you prefer to be added on the steemit platform. Well as concerning the direct messaging, I will like to tell you that there is an add-on that is been develop by @therealwolf called steem messenger. The interface of steemit platform really needs to be redesign in other for them to add some important functionalities and I think it will be done sooner. Quality and interesting post @cicbar


Thanks. There is some add-ons that are solving some things that I don't like but I would like that we have all that on Steemit without add-ons.


Totally agree. It's extremly confusing in the beginning. It's a social network, so contact with others have to be easy imho

I would love those features to be added

Hello there my friend. Those are interesting suggestions. I totally agree but I understand the reason why some of them might never happen. For example instant messaging. It would be just amazing to be able to talk to your friends directly but I assume it won’t happen because they are afraid spammers who ll beg for votes etc. interface definitely needs a face lift.
As for the new users i think there is a welcome bot that upvotes their introduction post. But thats all. New users need more attention for sure.
Who knows...maybe when communities project is ready some of these changes will escort it.
Have a great day @cicbar


Thanks mate 😁

I totally agree with each and every point of yours. Especially that of DM

i completely agree these are great points unfortunately they have been around a while. the direct/instant message is an idea that i have had which i think will be very useful. the new starts is a joke i tried setting up for some friends i didnt even get one email for acknowledgement for doing anything in the end they have given up which is a super shame hopefully they can get them sorted.

I am a new user. This description of Steemit is rather helpful for the new users like me. I must say that the entire remarks you have raised are crucial. However, i would like to emphasize the private message tool and the support to new users as the immediate changes that would be needed to add to the page.

Really great suggestions, I'd like direct messaging, communities, user alerts, user search, and better onboarding!





There is a long road to go for us before Steemit will achieve succes.However there are some things that I personally would like to see changed:
-private messages
-better mobile design
-possibility of ignoring posts resteemed by people that we follow(I hate seeing 50resteems and none of them is interesting for me)

There will be a lot of competition in decentralized social media because some cool project are about to come. For example, ono - EOS based social media, current and so on.

Steemit has to bring some awesome features to rule the decentralized social media as well as all social media.

I would like to have a place to get answers to some of my simple questions. I don't like going on discord channel and posting a question and wait for hours or days to get a response. I don't have that kind of time. Even though I may read the FQA's my question is not answered there either. At this point I am going on Udemy or Youtube for questions and answers concerning Steemit. That's not very professional or helpful.

You are right. I am a new member here. I have not enough knowledge about steemit. But I learn something from your today's article. Thanks for your sharing.

Very good suggestion, I also want easier contact with people I like. Seemit is a social network, let the contact be easy with others!

Yh. I share the same suggestions with you. Especially the first and the fifth ones. Being a newbie is not easy like you said and I think steemit should really look into it.

The first version of had separated posts and resteemes. And then they have excluded it from the new version. I would very much like to see that option in the Steemit interface, @cicbar.

Also, user alerts were implemented, and then removed because they obviously didn't work as expected. Would be nice to have it back, and working properly :)

Excellent i feel identified with your comments, I am new and just like you would like to meet people within this community @cicbar

Why do you think the number of active users will increase with a faster rate?
I think Steemit still suffers with an issue to register new accounts. So it looks like it can't go really faster?

You are right about Steemit being to difficult for new users. But I'm not sure if 2 months of free upvotes would help?
After 2 months lots of people still don't know a lot about how Steemit works. And for me, I'm here 4 months now, my posts receive an average upvote value of $0.15. Basically nothing. Of course this can be the result of my crappy quality. But in the end we can't earn a lot for every Steemonian.
Maybe a different reward system would help? Where users like @haejin would receive less value for the same number of upvotes?

Personally I prefer to kill the possibly of paid upvote bots. And as well to only self upvote and only upvote friends 10+ times a week. I don't know a solid solution. But would love to see those things solved.


Steemit will grow at faster rate because now there is more users that can spread the word about it. More users mean more promoters. It is like chain...

The only problem with the messenger that I can see is it gives the scammers/spammers another avenue to contact people with their worthless information - so messenger will need some pretty good spam control filters, otherwise itl become much like the problem with the memos at the moment... In that regard I like Discored because it it resonably well used and seperate to the Steem blockchain.

As for user alerts - I agree it would be nice to have something inbuilt into Steem - at the moment I use Ginabot which is customisable and works fairly well but it is seperate and used in discord which im not always logged into.


If there is option to mute user so they can spam only once, spammers will not be big problem...


Yes and no.. There are so many out there! But I tend to agree over time they will all just get muted! :)

Good post with some great points to consider

We all would like to see those updates you mentioned in this post. There is an update in sign up page. You can create account instantly if you paid or you have to wait for 1-2 weeks to get an account for free.

Hope next steemit update will fulfill the expectation of all steemians!

Hi, I solved the "forth thing". I created a notification program that will pop up everytime there is an article for you. It allows you to get quick notice about your favorite writers but it also help you to find users that are active in their comment section. It's called Steemee and here is more about it.

I totally agree with you brother. And I reAlly hope these thoughtful thoughts would be considered by the STEEMIT BOARD of DIRECTORS..
Thanks a million sir @cicbar

nice writing, steemit very in demand by this steemian friend will be a concern for our friends all, thanks for sharing, @cicbar.😊

Good suggestions. These suggestions will sure help steemit improve a lot and make it more attractive. I would especially like steemit creators focus on the user interface, beacuse the first impression that any user have about any site or social network is from the user interface. Hope the developers would carry your suggestions forward.

Since I am new to steemit, I still dont have an idea. But for me steemit is a great place for great people and for all of us.
Its a great post.

Chat is a great improvement! I have been using Steemit for less than a month and was perplexed as to how it did not have chat yet when I signed up.

I agree with you because the posting of the NP is that it is very public in any market, so much for the post.

@cicbar, I agree that Steemit grows every day. we can see that there are more daily active users now than ever before. it's all because it promotes steemit well.

thank you very much @cicbar

Thank you @cicbar for sharing these interesting ideas.

Since I joined I have seen significant growth too, more and more people are joining from my nation too! It feels so great!

Thank you @cicbar for sharing these interesting ideas. Would you mind telling us how could one be more successful in steemit? thanks in advance


Just try to post when you have really something to say and be active on commenting other interesting posts. With time success will come...

hey,,,,,cicbar.Stevehot Hoss is a very nice site, every day working on this site will be a lot better haul, for that many reputations.

thank you very much for your info @cicbar

You are Right ... it is very difficult for new user to grow ... I tried but failed and now I use steemit for time pass and write useless posts because I know if I invest lots of time on a post this will be huge loss for me ...I think these changes may change the future of steemit.

thank for your information @cicbar

Yes sir
You also up vote me sir

good post
thank you very much @cicbar

nice post ,thank you very much for your info;

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you for using my service my friend

BOTS BOTS BOTS = Success on Steemit



Sorry but I disagree. Not mathematically, but fundamentally I hate bots for the good of the steemit as a society.


Well the above statement for sarcastic.. ;)


I'm retard!!! :)))

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I couldn't find threads like features so that it would be easy for every body to search or engage onto it. (Is there sub forum , threads already ? )

Lets build SteemIt great together!

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