Steem Monsters - Card game on the Steem blockchain!

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Steem Monsters is new card game on Steem blockchain. I have discovered it today and I was really delighted.

First reason to be delighted is that I am huge fan of Blizzard's Hearthstone card game and Steem Monsters remind me on it. Thought that I can play similar game on Steem is great.

Game is still in development Alpha phase, now you can buy cards, combine them and send them as gift. Interface and cards look really nice and I am sure that Steem Monsters will be very successful.

Here is some explanation about Steem Monsters from their website -
FireShot Capture 27 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png

Hearthstone is world blockbuster and for winning you gain nothing but reputation and satisfaction. On Steem Monsters you will have same plus you can get real prizes in STEEM,SBD and more... This is GREAT and because of that there is no doubt that Steem Monsters will be successful!
FireShot Capture 28 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png

Second and more important thing why I was delighted is that Games on Steem blockchain is crucial path for Steem to be mainstream accepted.

IMAGINE THAT YOU CAN EARN MONEY BY PLAYING GAMES! This would be great and it would be very hard for competition to follow that.

Steem potential is limitless and I am really happy that we are or the right path.

I have bought 50 packs today and I got two legendary cards and few epic cards beside others. Legendary cards were same so I combine them to get one stronger legendary card. You can see what I got on these pictures:
FireShot Capture 30 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png
FireShot Capture 31 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png

FireShot Capture 32 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png

I really can't wait that Steem Monsters start and I hope that we gonna play lot of games against each other.

If you have some questions or opinions, I would like to hear them.


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I hope it can be more famous in the future but from what I see right now it seems really interesting. The graphics of each card is astonishing and we can say it wasnt built in the backyard by unamateur people. I want to see it publish in mainnet 😃😄😀

An important feature is the ability to trade which isnt available in hearthstone. Card games and you cant trade it isnt a card game.


Agree 👍

Looks like fun! Can't wait to try it out!!


I already love this game and the tournaments haven't even started yet.. check it out I already have gotten 5 Legendary's!


Nice :-)


"Only" spent $350 to get that :P I wonder what the market price will be for those legendaries once it's live.

now that I have a computer that can run games, I may check this out.

Do you have other games you can point me to?


This one is first and only on STEEM for now as I know.


Steemgar has been rewarding players in SBD and SP for some time now. You can play here


Thanks :-)


I tried it for the first time. Interesting. Thanks


Any computer can run this game, no one needs a "gaming computer" for this as of now ;)


There is Steemnova, zombie adventure by happyme, Ork Fight! by daclawboyz, steemgar that i know of

I'm not into card games, but this is a really good evolution of the Steem blockchain :)


Now is a good time to get into it ;) hehe

It will be great when the tournaments start! I hope they are able to developed a fun, balanced game that will attract people to actually play it for fun and not just to earn.


+1 😁

Gran post

this will be huge

I love this game,
and wanna play.
I can't wait.

Really looking great and it could be a real added value to the Steem ecosystem.
Will take a look at it this evening!
Thx for the heads up!

I can't even remember since I played a game. The incentives of playing games and earning tokens are worth trying though. Will have to document myself about the game.


It will be perfect for you to play while you are waiting fish to bite :-)


Good idea.

wow @cicbar, thank you for the upvote! Seems Communists streets are familiar to you from living in Serbia ( they were quite close with USSR, altho idk)


Yes we are very close to Russia but Belgrade is modern European town. Even when communism was here, it was bit different than USSR.


Jugoslavia never knew what communism was because Tito was one of a kind letting people free and respecting their human rights. I wish Romania had also a leader like him.


I was too young to confirm or deny that, he died when I was 3 years old...


All the serbs that I spoke with were praising Tito. My father also told me about his visits in Serbia after he died and how the people were singing about him.


Like Detective Molder from X Files says: Truth is somewhere in between :-)


Really? How much? Millions? Lol xDD


Dunno how much but probably more than you have in your Steemit wallet 😁

Is steem monster game app going to be integrated using the steemit smart media token SMT , where y they will have a reward systems where users who play games on the platform will be rewarded in steem monster token or coin


I don't think it is gonna be on SMT. I have understand that rewards will be in STEEM or SBD.


I sure hope so. Getting crypto for playing games I'm in..

suck kind of post of your made my day. in your post i find educational benefits for steemit people. thanks for share .

Your posts are very useful.these monsters are great Your posts are very useful games is the best game

Sola espera que los peces muerdan, buena idea amigo te escribe un usuario en español desde venezuela. éxitos para ti.

I love the idea, I'm going to try it, you want to have fun, there's nothing better

wow is this awesome game... i like it...

who play games on the platform will be rewarded in steem monster token or coin.Will have to document myself about the game.


You will get reward in STEEM or SBD.

these monsters are great

Great Article, keep up the good work . :)

Card games have always been one of my favorite type of games and I can not believe that this community has its own card game!

Each game has its charm, and this is very difficult to find because although it is very new and its version is Alpha, everything in general has something special because each function has a specific quality that makes it look like a strange and special way.

Do not forget to follow me to see more analysis of video games and many other things!

Cheers bro!!

i hope this game can grow !
cant wait for the tournaments!

Your post will be beneficial for everyone, and everyone can get a better idea. It really is very good

Looks fun

Your posts are very useful.these monsters are great Your posts are very useful games is the best game

Great.this is really an interesting and exciting game to me.

Good idea... A new innovative

Well this is a great image and a good addition to STEEM. These maps are great and if you get good income it is super everyone to own such a card. Thank you for the nice article.

Steam Monsters is new card game on Steam blockchain.Playing this game can earn money online.Nowadays, it can not be imagined that playing games can earn money.Many people will benefit from this game.Finally you have to thank

But is this gonna be better than yugioh though?


We will see when game start.


I hope they release trading cards too. I had a blast playing and collecting cards games when I was younger

Excellent graphics of the cards are great, do you have other games to which you could direct me? @cicbar


No for now.


You have a great looking collection there!

Join Steem Monsters Discord Here-


Thanks, will do :-)


Great! It's very active and people can see other's cards in there etc. :-) It's fun!

steem card game is new and some difficult


many many Thanks for accepting the comments..

I heard of this game but as you know i could not use steem apps bc of my antivirus but i am back now :)

What an excellent game!



I hope this is it or I just gave someone else my private key.

can you help me that, how can i play this game?


You can't play yet. It is in development phase.


oh, thank you!
can you even tell me when will be release?


Dunno yet. Hope it will be soon...

i would love to try this game because i love playing card , so why not play it on steem blockchain. and my favourite is poker.

wow! 2 legendarys and theyr BOTH the same....what are the chances? No literally......what are they, does anyone know? Pretty cool though! Im really excited too about Steem Monsters and I made a map and some Lore for the cartography challenge. See what you think, its my last post in my blog :) look forward to battling you someday ;)


+1 :-)

Very good. It's similar to dota2. I want to play

I'd love to have a try. I was a YU-GI-OH player years ago.

Is this game just for fun or is there an opportunity to make money?

Luppers :)


You can earn STEEM or SBD so you can earn money.


Cheers mate


It will definitely be possible to make some money from it, but we have yet to see how high the prizes for the tournaments will be. Even if you don't win, your cards will get XP, which will make them more valuable.

Wow thanks for using the header collage I remixed. That is awesome. I'm so happy it's well received. Yeah the game is really addictive already. Glad to see you writing about it and promoting it. It's going to be great for the platform too!

Since you liked my fan art, I also made a 3D Map I would love to know what you think!


I like map also. Good job :-)

love this game

ahora que tengo una computadora que tienes suficiente espacio para juegos, puedo verificar esto.

¿Tienes otros juegos a los que me puedes dirigir?

Look Great!

Are you a gamer?


I like plaing games but I can't say that I am gamer.


It can be categorized as a gamer :)

Game the best...
I like game...

woow ,, nice, i hope to be able to play it

Will be totally in since i love magic and hearthstone!

Started using steemmonster.

i think it was a great choice.

can't wait for trading and tournaments

thank you very much @cicbar

BOOM ! Chromatic Dragon.png


Congratulations :-)


good idea.
I will try it :D

This will be great,am a staunch gamer and cant wait for this...

I gotta get into this game, just seen the recent post by everyone.


I am going to try this new game too. Thanks buddy for sharing!


You welcome!

I can not play any type of laptop in my laptop because my laptop's power is very low.
Thank you

Woowow, I will start playing as soon as I'm home, thats fantastic

Excellent post friend, always following your work, from #Venezuela supporting you and learning every day more with your publications ... success

I like to play games. I will try this one. It loo's so good.

great idea

I love this game too, I already have 5 epic cards :)

good game.

it´s like steem blockchain chimpokomon! love it!

Logo Calabozo 2018.png

I can't wait..... lol

It's looking great. I hope, we will soon be able to play in it.

I started playing today and purchased my first pack! I was excited to find that there was a contest listed on the @SteemMonster page! I'm an author and I enjoy scripting! I'm a gamer and I would love to be a part of this game's development! I can't afford anywhere near 50 packs! Your collection must be great! I would enjoy knowing more about combinations and growth of the characters. I'm excited to see more of the game! There is also a contest for a map image creation. I'm thinking to create a map because I have a story that has things like the King's Temple. If you would be so kind as to upvote my posts entered into the author contest I would be very appreciative! This is a nice post @cicbar! I'm happy to upvote it and leave this comment with my story links enclosed.

Fire Monsters

Water Monsters

Earth Monsters

Please send me some feedback on the stories I've created. Let me know if they fit the RPG. If you appreciate the time and effort it took to create the stories please upvote and resteem the posts!

Yours truly,


Very good news my freinds...
Im resteem and upvote your post

Very good news my freinds...

exciting games.
Your posts are very useful.


Woow well done and good work!! Congratulations Looks fun..!!

Great Article..!! :D

I am hooked on steemmonsters. I have to stop buying booster packs! @ironshield

Sabre Shark.png


They are going to need a bigger boat.

Hi, cicbar! This is a very good addition to Stem's blog. Thanks for the info.

Looks awesome. I’ll pick up a few hundred packs.


Same. All my payouts from this week will be used for Steem Monster packs :-)


This will be a Epic.... already have 4.



Here are my Legendary cards:
FireShot Capture 37 - Welcome to Steem Monsters! - https___steemmonsters.com_#.png

important feature is the ability to trade which isnt available in hearthstone. Card games and you cant trade it isnt a card game.

We shall meet at the tournaments!!!



Excelente Hermano @cicbar Te Apoyo desde Venezuela Amigo, Saludos!


Gracias 😁


Ah Su Orden Compañero, Personas Asi Como usted Son ejemplos Ah seguir, SERIA UN GRAN HONOR PARA MI APRENDER DIA A DIA De una gran persona como usted, mis respeton hermano, siempre humilded desde Venezuela.


Good post..👍

Looks like a great work friend Im very excited to play this game thanks for shared ;)

Thank You for this mate !

Keep posting like this :)

good game.

great monsters .. can you help me to teach this game?

Your posts are very useful games is the best game

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Luar biasa kawan,,sangat menakjukan frestasinya.

Your posts are very useful games is the best game I like it your post dear

Best post my friend.

I love the game..


May I ask something about steemmonsters.
Is it only play on rhe web? Or Can I play steemmonsters on my phone?