SCORUM - Rewarding social network focused on Sport

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Scorum is Steemit model social network focused at all things around Sport. It has started few days ago and I believe that it has big chance to become successful. Steemit and Scorum will not be competitors because of this:

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Sport topic on Steemit is minor and there is huge chance for Scorum to attract Sport fans around the world to blog there and get rewarded for that.

Scorum team did very good job in my opinion and I really like how Scorum looks. This is page dedicated to NBA basketball:

FireShot Capture 67 - NBA on Scorum with the latest NBA news and sto_ - https___scorum.com_en-us_nba.png

This is page dedicated to Soccer:

FireShot Capture 69 - Soccer on Scorum with the latest Soccer n_ - https___scorum.com_en-us_football.png

Scorum is made on Graphene technology like STEEM and it is working flawlessly. Here is Scorum whitepaper if you wanna know more details how Scorum works:

Currently you can buy SCR(Scorum) tokens at OpenLedger but there will be much more exchanges and better liquidity in the future.

Steemit early users had huge benefit of it and if Scorum becomes successful, it will be same for Scorum pioneers.

A am big Sports fan and I will blog at Scorum for sure. If you like Sport and you find Scorum interesting, you should try it.



This stupid scrotum doesn't even send the sms confirmation

Scorum doesn't ask for your phone number so how can you get a sms confirmation?


Oh, it doesn't, does it?

That is only if you wanna sign to be Scorum promoter or writer. Regular registration is:

I got that after the regular registration. Fuck that, ain't gonna be worth it anyway.

Very interesting!

I hope Scorum blows up, love the name!!!

I have earned more on Scorum so far in a week than I have on Steemit in months, and I have a lot less money and time invested in Scorum. I absolutely love Steemit, I have great friends here and I still believe that Steemit is going to be a huge part of the Crypto sphere for a long long time. But Scorum is going to be a fast-growing platform and an earning machine for talented content creators! It will also be a growing part of the sports entertainment and news industry. 👍 😎

Glad to hear that. I like both also and I will be blogging on both social networks!

Really? Is there any process ??

It is like Steemit, the more power tokens that you have the greater the earning potential is. There is a much smaller total supply of SCR tokens than there are Steem tokens and the payout for curation and blogs is slightly different so the value of tokens and rate of tokens earned on Scorum are a little different than Steemit.

Glad to hear that - even though we miss you!!

I'm missing everyone at the Freewritehouse also, but it is hard not to take full advantage of this new opportunity especially after seeing the huge potential. I'm torn between two worlds right now for sure, I was not expecting that! 🙁

if I had any interest and/or knowledge about sports - I would be there too. Trying to talk my husband into it...

A full upvote from me over there right now is worth over $10, and I still don't have as much invested in Scorum as my initial investment in Steem. I earned almost $200 in my first week, and that was before any of my blog post earnings started coming in. My wife joined and I started her off with $100 plus the $5 that they give you when you sign up. She has almost doubled that already. Every time you interact with the platform on Scorum you get paid and the rewards pool over there at the beginning is very large! The rewards pool will drop by about 1/2 after 100,000 people join and it will drop again after 400,000 join, and then it will stay at that normal level. By then I hope to be a super whale on Scorum!

So, you can earn just by commenting?
That is amazing and I am hoping that you will be a super whale!! I so want that for you!

Thank you, my love and respect to you all! I will be in and out of Steemit, it looks like it will be more out for now while I'm building a base.

I've signed up and I look forward to seeing this become succesfull!

Nice mate 👍 see you at Scorum also 😀

Let’s rock there @cicbar!
I do think that you could become a whale there. I will support you all the way!

We gonna be whales together :-)

Thank you and all your followers for good words)

You welcome :-) Let's make Scorum successful together :-)

Click to follow, I follow you to each other good replies. Like my article can help me to promote my article. Thank you

Everything related to sport excites me and that is why I have an interest regardless of basketball or football. SCORUM is starting to play me and I think I will be very interesting for which I thank you very much

Another social platforms nice love to work there.

yas bro its good plateform..... intresting article ....and thnku so much for giving this intresting pateform. i'm just upvoting u

This is nice! Thank you for your early info!

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This platform is going to change how people share their views on sports happening around the world.

I have sent email to sign in two hours ago, and I’m still waiting for an answer. What was your waiting period, @cicbar?

Javi koji ti je username kad se registruješ.

Двапут сам слао емаил, добијем поруку „проверите“, и онда ништа… јавићу свакако кад се нешто деси :)

Neverovatno. Nekoliko ljudi koje sam uputio se registrovalo bez problema. Verovatno je glupo pitanje ali da li si pogledao da nije možda email slučajno završio u spam?

Наравно @cicbar, то прво проверавам кад не стигне најављена порука. Можда им је систем на одржавању, пробаћу сутра поново.

Успело је, најзад. На Скоруму сам betman, @cicbar :)

Našao sam te i zapratio. Šaljem ti narednih dana po malo SCR da olakšam start 😀

Нема потребе да се трошиш, @cicbar, довољно је да одгласаш у свом стилу :)

Изгледа прилично слично Стимиту, али још откривам како ствари функционишу и где шта стоји у радњи ;)

Онда ћу највероватније почети са слањем „Бетманових мемоара“, и надам се понечег из историје кошарке бивше СФРЈ :)

👍 😃

Ево га први текст на Скоруму, @cicbar :)

Има ли тамо некаквог обавештења кад те неко помене или објави текст, као на Стимиту?

Još nema. Sinoć sam malo razgovarao sa Scorum timom na telegramu i rade na tome. Trebalo bi u budućnosti da može sve što može na Steemitu. Počeli su sa radom prošle nedelje i sve je to normalno za tako mlad projekat. Pogledaj ovaj link, možda te zanima nešto od ovoga:

👍 😀

Immediately. No waiting time.

Sorry to hear that, can you contact to our community manager John to solve this issue? @John_McT

OK, @vladart, I have managed to come aboard :)

Let me look you up @lighteye!
Do you have the same name there?

No, @fullcoverbetting, it’s betman there :)

Okay, will add you to my follow list!

Your limit the audience when you only deserve a niche social network, unfortunately!

Maybe, but sometimes focus on something is better than focus on everything...

Bacio sam pogled vec i procitao sam njihov whitepaper, cini mi se da ima dosta potencijala. Sajt je bas lepo dizajniran, registrovacu se prvom prilikom, nadam se da ce se isplatiti :)

👍 😃

Look like a cool platform-I'll check it out more later. However I do remember seeing a steem app like this.

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wow,good news.
thanks for notifying us.

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Thank you so much for introducing a new and interesting platform. I hope it would not become bot and whale system lolz. Awesome job :) Thats why i am your full time follower

There are no Bots on Scorum :-)

haha yes i was just kidding :)

So nice of you sharing this amazed information about scorum.

Early adopters always get huge benefit. Being sports lover I would love to do blogging on Scorum. Thanks for early ppsharing @cicbar

You welcome :-)

How much a token cost because i dont know why i cant access that website.

You can buy SCR at OpenLedger at around 3 BTS so 0.5$

This is an amazing idea! It’s going to be amazing when the NFL season starts over here in the States. Definitely going to check out the fantasy sports section. Strong work!

Thanks 👍

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It looks good and I'll try to see how it goes. Thanks for so interesting information.

You welcome :-)

Not really into sports that much bit for what i saw in here it looks cool. Like a "viral" news website. All that ones that post the daily gossips ehehe

I like also how it looks. And there is gonna be sport gossips for sure :-)

Need to explore this platform

a good opportunity for sports enthusiasts! excellent SCORUM to exploit all this potential!

Very interesting dear

THAt is great for the steemit community especially for sport lovers...
I hope it will become much successful than other social sport networks..
Thanks for information..

wow i will buy some tokens right now!

See you at Scorum 😀

Looks interesting to me. But after reading the white paper I still have no clue what this platform brings to the table, that already isn't out there?You have sports news pages for free, you have stats pages for free, maybe just the betting thing with their tokens is different, but the rest of it is basically Steemit just for Sports. They also say they will distribute 10 M tokens in the program reward system, what happens when they're all distributed, who's gonna put out content then? The authors would get paid for their contribution, but then again if the stats and news are just copied form other pages, which big companies are getting in real time, how can authors compete with that and what different kinda info about teams and sports would they be able to share?

I don't know maybe I'm missing the value here? Any thoughts?

Their chance for success is that Steemit sports community is weak. It is basically Steemit copy with better look and if they can attract sports fans to blog and comment there, they will be successful.

I get issue is how will you rate the articles with $, when all of them will just be copies of already existing articles from other websites. Why bother only concentrating on sports with a new platform, when you have an already established one for everything. I'm a sports/betting writer and it makes much more sense for me to stay here, where I can actively participate in other debates and read everything from science to music. Why reinvent the wheel? And are the sport section article writers really that active, that they would need their own platform?

In good time I love sports and I have always liked to write about it, I have forged very good criteria analyzing sports, especially basketball in the NBA and some other interesting disciplines, I think this platform is the right one to talk about sports, although I can write in English and hopefully there is space for the Hispanic community too and they can publish in Spanish. I will be one of the pioneers as I said in good tim

It will be multilingual platform, Spanish language will be supported.

I am already in Scorum excellent site, for now I will publish in English and soon I will be publishing in Spanish, because I only saw publications in English.

Very good that recommendation, there was a need for a specific site for the sport as Scorum.

lovely idea i believe its going to be successful. Scorum trying to pronounce it , it sounds like "Score room" #wink soccer all d way


Just signed up and will start posting and interacting with the platform.
Do the SP and Scorum work the same? do you increase your reputation by powering up?

You increase your voting power by powering up. Power down last 12 months like Steemit at start. I believe that they will change that.

Thank you!.
Reading the whitepaper now.

Looks promising @cicbar
You can buy their tokens only via openledger?

Yes at moment. Best buy is with BTS.

I d like to get more info about that
Are you on discord or something?
Huge fun of sports too here


how interesting. I have not heard anything about it until now. Be sure to tell my friends. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

well it seems interesting .

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Awesome post cicbar. Keep the good work going. I have also a blog post on FIFA world cup 2018. Please do read