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Here is a quick tutorial on how to transfer Steem to Bitshares Open-Ledger

  • Open up your Steem wallet
  • Click on the <transfer> icon
  • Type <openledger> in the <To:> field
  • Open up your Bitshares Open-Ledger wallett and click on <withdawel/deposit>
  • Click on <openledger> <gateway> <steem> <deposit>
  • Click on <copy memo:> and paste that memo key into your the steem wallet memo to where it is being sent, in this case bitshares

  • Now click <Submit>

If anybody has any recommendations on how this tutorial could be better, please comment down below. Thanks and Namaste~!

Here is another tutorial by a fellow steemion @billbutler

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This is awesome! I only found out today.

How long does this method usually take? I made a small initial "test" deposit 7 hours ago and my wallet still shows zero deposits.


I wish someone who knows would answer your question... I would like to know the answer too. HEY PEPOLE!!!!! ANSWER THIS SIMPLE QUESTION PLEASE ;) I will resteem and see if we can get a response...

@christoryan can you please check this update from OpenLedger?
and change in your post openledger to openledger-dex?