Steem at 2$ by 2020 : week 1 challenge.

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We now have everything to succeed : comunities, @esteemapp, @Dcooperation, @SteemAlliance, 3speak …and 300 more Apps.

A little help from members is welcome.
What did you do this week to promote Steem ?


Tip : I started the « Steem at 2$ by 2020 » weekly challenge.
Reward : enjoy our community.


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Hi @chrisaiki

Would you really think that STEEM being worth 2$ is what this platform needs right now? I may see it differently. I would rather see STEEM getting stronger somewhere around 0,5$ and being stable for a moment. That would bring more optimism to current investors and developers - but also it wouldn't invite another wave of speculators (not bringing any value to blockchain).

Anyway that's just my point of view.

I've noticed that you've been posting sometimes about crypto, blcokchain and technology. I love those topics as well.
If you would ever publish anything related to technology, economy, marketing, psychology or steemit etc - then send me link in memo. I'm trying to support quality content and I have 2-3 upvotes daily to spare from @project.hope (over 200k SP) i my own account. I will gladly support your publications (as long as they represent solid quality :)


Hi @crypto.piotr I don't know if Steem at $2 would be a good thing. It is more an emotional and intuitive guess than a rational thinking. Steem is a strange beast that I have seen growing for the last 3 years. I guess even the management of Steemit don't know what is good or bad for Steem. There were much more interesting projects going on when Steem was at $2 rather than today.
The future will tell, but a strong competitor is emerging in February 2020.
I am following @project.hope and will post link to articles. My biggest project @askanything is an account to support education on Steem and some support from @project.hope is of course welcome.