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What ive noticed on the platform here on steemit is that many minnows fall short along the way of keeping up with their steemit accounts ,meaning many have becomed discouraged along the way due to a lack of support from members in the community and it shouldnt be like this .

First and foremost i acknowledge the fact that nothing worthwile comes easy or overnight, i am speaking about my self here ,i didnt expect to come on steemit and just start making ton loads of money ,this is the intent but not the mission really ,the mission really is to showcase my talent as been a chef on the platform and by doing what i love and curating ,definitely the money will come .one of my main aim here on steemit is to make enough money to buy equipments to start my restaurant business ,and with no investment thrown into the platform as yet ,ive made a well appreciated and excited $8.46 usd which i am super elated about ,because in my life growing up ive never had anyone just giving me free money like that just sitting at home and posting on my tablet or computer so its definitely appreciated and for that i say thank you .

So back to the point and issue of the matter here .what i am saying is this ,without the support and help of our fellow steemians we as minnows will faulter along the line of been discouraged with carrying on with our steemit accounts ,many of us have been invited including myself ,not so knowledgeable about crytocurrency,steem dollars ,bots ,bidding and all those fancy stuff ,we as minnows do things the hard way ,we put out a post ,expect people to read and comment on our posts hoping for upvotess.knowingly putting our all into researching ,doing our spellchecks ,checking our grammar, etc, just to look in our feeds to see blank posts with 1000's of upvotes ,that to me is one of the most discouraging and saddest part of steemit ,making some of us dig deeply for info on how to do go about doing these selfish yet self rewarding act and it definitely shouldn't be like this .

Instead of upvoting ourselves why not upvote others ,ive seen great posts about people and their lives and what they've been through with 0 upvotes, no comments ,yet it has like 100 views ,thats not nice ,thats discouraging to the authour definitely ,i have writen a short piece about this girl i came across the other day by the name of analisa ,not very long but short ,hoping i would get a few comments ,a few readers but no , i got some views ,but no one take the time to leave a comment ,maybe my reputation is too low or maybe my steem power is too low so they would be just wasting their votes on a small minnow that cant do anything for them in return right ?😕,thats what the community has gone to .so in essence minnows like myself have to think about buying steem power for my dream to come reality because in my views there is lots of support for minnows ,but what happen to that type of support that will move us on to the next level from our fellow steemians .i may sound one sided but many persons are feeling disgruntled in their hearts about this issue ,i know because i am .many times i feel like writing long blogs about my life ,my journey ,but discouraged about the opinion that no one would be interested to read my story so dont write .for those who continue to support the minnow community i say cudos to you ,you are doing a fantastic job .

Ive also noticed that upon one if my observations i noticed that there are groups of people here on steemit that are within groups which have among themselves,high steem power,high reputation scores,high influence ,and their votes and support go as far to the confines of the group,and yet this is not a call for concern? ,yes it is ,because many people are interested in coming on board but upon doing sometimes get lost along the road and discouraged.

As for myself i have come to the conclusion that steemit is a wonderful community to grow and attain financial freedom whilst doing what you love and showcasing it to the world ,but for one to grow and realise these visions, you guys ,whom are the whales ,sharks ,dolphins,octopusses whatever form of fish in the sea you are ,as small the support mayb lets give it to our minnows for encouragement to sweeten our labour.I also say to those that are supporting in both tremendous and small ways we appreciate and love you guys .peace out .


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