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Hey Jesswimmers

So I don't like to talk about myself, okay who am I kidding, it's my blog and I'm really the only authority on this topic so shit i'mma talk about me, me and me all day long, ya'll just upvote me for being awesome at being me.

Because if you're being yourself, you're being your best self and no one can be you, but you or do you better than you do you. Snoop Dogg said that, so you know it's got to be true!

It's not often that I reach milestones, so allow me to be a little self-indulgent for once.

A few months ago once I started getting the hang of this place I made a bet with the aptly named @fullcoverbetting. I should have known right? That someone would betting in their username wasn't going to lose, but we had a race to dolphin, which he obliterated me in but I made it here eventually.

After 1 year and 11 months, I finally hit my mark. 5000 SP, or well rather 5050 SP to reach the number of vests needed to Dolphin up.

Dolphin flips

When I got here in September of 2017, a fresh-faced crypto investor who made major gains and thought every coin was a winner because, in 2017, every coin was I got a recommendation from a friend who told me If I liked blogging and crypto this would be the place to be.

After waiting weeks to get an account, I was finally in, looked around and I was not impressed. I eventually left and kept trading crypto until the crash.

It was a sobering experience and I started to look around for other things to do in crypto that didn't involve trading and found my way back into steemit.

I started making posts mostly about crypto if not only about it and my first 50 posts earned a total of $0.00 lol, prices even after the crash were remarkably high around $3 when I got back into it. People were making bank and I couldn't even get a Thai Message wanks worth of upvotes.

I eventually planned to give up until @littlescribe curated and resteemed one of my posts and I started to dive into the deeper underbelly of steemit that is discord and learned the ropes. I was too focused on earning and in that you will always be disappointed, the value here as in the real world is objective and more about networking than working.

I eventually gave up on earning and just posted whatever I thought and showed up regularly forsaken other social media long ago so I was all in. I've learned a bunch since then and I'm pretty sure I'll continue to learn about all sorts of things, not just crypto.

Dolphin tips

So I'm going to give you my road to Dolphin, everyone's will be different since prices and rewards fluctuate all the time.

  • 1300 posts.



  • STEEM earned from posts 2,921.82

  • STEEM earned from curation 74.18

  • STEEM purchased 1893.788

  • STEEM received (donations/tips/competitions) - 162

Screenshot 2019-09-05 at 08.24.47.png

My current steem holdings stand at

  • 5,052.711 SP
  • 2353 STEEM in SE tokens
  • 1670 STEEM in Splinterlnads cards

Steem sold

I have made two sales

  • I sold 45 SBD for like 12k doge just to prove a point to a friend, he sent me doge I sent him SBD converted to BTC
  • I sold 100 STEEM to in a steem to PayPal exchange, again just to prove a point.

Other than that, I've just been stacking Sats!

In terms of money, not a great investment, but not a negative one either and after just under 2 years I wouldn't write it off just yet. I think this place has a little more life left in it and I'll be riding it to rekt or the moon, either way, its going to be a fun ride.

Let's connect

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Congrats ! So if you are a dolphin and I am a small fish - You can eat me up.

hahhahahaha! Noone likes a sardine sarmie, I think you safe!

Ha ha ha
I am Swedish "surströmming"
Old rotten fish that smells like shit. But we eat it with proud

Posted using Partiko Android

hahahaha!!! you are what you eat dude!

OH NO !!! But you are probably right. Will take my gaffa with me to the pickleballmatch tonight and collect some active-points. Then eat some rotten fish

Gross, I just googled it now it looks like if Durian was seafood. I think ill stick to Swedish meatballs thank you!

come on and try.....

Lol I assume Swedish girls give great blowjobs if they willing to eat something like that

Congrats mate and welcome to the dolphin club.

Posted using Partiko Android

Feels good to finally throw my big D on the blockchain! :P

whoop whooop!
I thought I spotted you swimming with a new crew! Well done dude!

Which one...🤔

The Blue one

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha.....pretty hard

hahhaha the one in the middle who is the star of the show of course!

I take it now 😆

Lol call me flipper!

Congrats on reaching dolphinhood, @chekohler.
Always nice to have some other dolphins to swim along with ;0)

Lol Will, you teach me the ways of echolocation? Do we have some sort of like call frequency I need to learn? ca cow ca caow!!!!

Congrats mate! Welcome to the club! This club is exactly the same as the minnow club, there are no real differences. Use your power well! And let's race to double dolphinhood!

Lol didn't take me too long to catch up since your graduation. I will use my newfound powers for the good of the chain. Ooohhh double D's sounds like fun!

Well done and well deserved. You always write good stuff mate :-)

Thanks mate! It was quite the slog to get here but now that I'm here I can look back on time well wasted lol! Now onward and upward, let's have dolphins who actually give a shit besides maxing out rewards to sell.

Congratulations on this major achievement @chekohler! It is not an easy milestone to reach, so ... No problem here with being a little self-indulgent for one post. 😉

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah I thought I’d never get here when the prices was $3 up! I never thought I’d see such cheap steem I remember the first time I bought in was 29 cents and I thought this is a bargain!

I still feel the same way now but I’m happy with my stake! I think I’ll start investing in other alts with my monthly buy ins! Looking at getting some more Pundix and some MCO


Glad you are enjoying your "journey" @chekohler. Yes, it is sorta nice to have these prices, if you want to buy a larger stake ...

For me and my "journey," I hope it will start going up! 😏

Overall, we need more dolphins to form a healthy, robust "middle class" in here. I think long-term that is for the best.

P.S. I did use my dolphin-level RC to claim some accounts, although I have no idea at the moment what I will do with them.

Posted using Partiko Android

Lol if it does go up I’ll be right there with you smiling all the way!

I tried to claim an account I don’t think I have enough vests yet to do it! I do have 7 invite tokens and used 2 in the past to create accounts for friends

I rather introduced them to tribes though it’s much easier to explain lol! So I’ve been pushing my friends who like sport into using sportstalk

Very good @chekohler ...

"I do have 7 invite tokens and used 2 in the past to create accounts for friends"

... as "multiplication" is key to the price going up! 😉

Well congrats .... reaching milestones always feels good .... You are posting a lot so well deserved.

I had a goal of reaching dolphin status until the end of the year, but nit sure will I make it ... Steemmonsters have been sucking my time and investment in the last months :)

Well the SP dolphin seems to be an old school milestone I don't think many will worry about in the future. Now that we have tokens, cards etc you could technically be one just not in SP only. What is your Splinterlands and token holding combined with your SP?

  ·  13 days ago (edited)

Everything combined I will be above 10k STEEM mark probably :)
At the moment.

Woo yeah! Congrats man! Dolphins have feelings too!
I didn't know that you only need 5.000 SP to be a Dolphin? That's not too much... I might buy myself into that cool status... Like those people who buy titles of nobility!? Sounds like an awesome plan!

Well 5050 at current vesting but yeah 5k is basically safe dolphin territory! I’ll try and make a dent in orca while the going is good and we earning so much steem at these low prices but won’t be holding my breathe!

I think the prices can still go a bit lower, if I were you I’d stock up on SBD and set some buying orders on the internal market and pick up cheap steem as the price fluctuates that’s if you’re keen on buying your way Their was cheap as possible!

The last set of dolphins, orcas and whales failed us but in #newsteem I hope they new stake holders try to actually grow this place


Whoopp.....he always put a bet on Dolphinhood so that people.get more motivated...congratulation dear...

Thanks @steemflow, yeah I'm as motivated as ever. Like whatever happens now I'm okay with, lol I couldn't care much about the steem price but if it wants to go up, cool I'm all for it

Yup....same here...just keep staking more and more

Congrats! I reached "Minnow" few months ago. Hopefully I'll be more active from now on and reach Dolphin before the end of 2020 (even that is a dream, moving at my speed. But hey, it's a goal!)

Well you’re close to smashing double that, I’m pretty sure you could hit 1k SP long before the year is over!

We need more people Holdings stake and reducing liquid steem on the market! I still believe that this place is a sleeping giant and with time we’ll figure things out


Before the year. I sure hope so~

Let's see if !beer is already working again!

Nope. Still alcoholic free Steemit

Posted using Partiko Android

How disappointing I mean this is the best time to be sharing beers, I want my damn beers! I thought SCOT bot was up and running already.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Why thank you team for the support :P

congrats chekohler

Thanks, mate, appreciate it! Hope to keep crushing it while the odds are in my favour :P

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