Wall & Broadcast with Charlie Shrem: Special Apperance by Ned Scott, CEO Steemit.

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This is a two part podcast on my story. We called Ned in part 2 to talk about Steemit!

Part 1: http://www.wallandbroadcast.com/charlieshrem

There was a time; not so long ago, that Bitcoin was just an obscure little diversion for the hardest of the hard-core crypto geeks existing on the fringes of the internet. Out of those recesses rose a quiet young yeshiva student from Brooklyn who would seize upon a unique opportunity, using his own personal experiences and his love of computers to create one of the first successful retail Bitcoin enterprises. His name was Charlie Shrem, and by the time he was 21 years old he was a Bitcoin titan. His startup, BitInstant, allowed ordinary people to easily purchase bitcoins from retailers like 7-11 or Walmart. Within months of starting BitInstant, Charlie was traveling and speaking all over the world about Bitcoin and gaining a reputation as a Bitcoin superstar. But what goes up can also come down. Listen to episode 5 of Wall & Broadcast to learn more about how Charlie rose to prominence and ultimately found himself confronted and detained by federal authorities at JFK Airport.

Part 2: http://www.wallandbroadcast.com/copy-of-5-charlie-shrem

This is the conclusion of a two-part episode on Charlie Shrem, America’s first Bitcoin superstar. When we left Charlie at the end of our last episode, he was just being confronted by a joint FBI, DEA, and IRS taskforce at JFK Airport in New York. Upon his arrival, he is arrested and detained by the federal authorities. Tune in to part two to find out what happened to Charlie. Why was he detained? On what charges? And what happens to him next? In the “Rebirth of Inmate 92164-054,” we find out exactly what happened to Charlie. We also hear about how his experiences changed him, as well as what he is doing now.


this show is very good, the format is amazing, so perfect

I just finished reading what you have so far for the Prison story. I can relate to a lot of it as a relative of mine went to a Federal Camp for 18 months. Everything you wrote - just about how the system worked inside compared to outside - was exactly what she said.

You positively effected many peoples lives and turned something bad for good.

Thanks for this post, once again, namaste :)

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Same here. :)

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Enjoyed the post and look forward to part 2

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I just learned what a witness was today, so I decided to start going down the list, see who they are and what they're about so I can make informed votes...and wow. You have just made my list of everyday heroes! I'm glad you're here! Definite vote :)