Sterling Silver Steem Ring by Charlie Shrem: Community Feedback Needed!

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Charlie Shrem Crest.jpg

Hey All!

As many of you know I wear my Sterling Silver Bitcoin Ring on my pinky (picture below). It's a great conversation starter and I always get people asking me questions. I even had an encrypted BIP38 private key engraved on the inside and keep a few Satoshis on it for fun. I've had it for 3 years or so, it's been through my arrest and a bunch of other crazy life events.

Due to my love of Steem, I decided to commission a Steem Ring. I'm making this for myself but can easily make one for anyone. I'm not sure on the cost yet, but it would likely be on the lower end of a few hundred dollars, depending on the price of silver.

This is the design I chose, I was going to add the words Steem below the logo but I like this better. Below are also pictures of my Bitcoin ring to see it in real life.

What are your thoughts on the design? Would you be interested in a Steem or Bitcoin ring? What would you engrave on the inside?

I will do my best to have one made that can be a giveaway for SteemFest!

Charlie Shrem Crest.jpg

IMG_0283 (1).jpg


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Hi Charlie are these rings still available?

Hmm some Steem bling...tempting..

I've been wearing a Bitcoin one for a few years and people love it !

Ok I'll take one. I'll engrave @neoxian on it.

count me in as well ;)

I'm in as well

I love this idea. I've been talking to my friend who's a jeweler about something like this, but I'm not a jewelry guy so I dilly-dallied. Glad to see someone's moving along with it.

That design is awesome! I'd be interested in one of those rings if my account really took off ;)

Funny, I'm hoping the same. I would like to buy it with some steem.

Charlie, yes! Let's talk - I hope you won't mind if I have one made too

Sounds good Ned! I'd add you to the list of the first ones to be made.

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The amount of money you guys are making from steemit i would suggest it should have Diamonds in it.

Please add me to the list as well. I'd like at least 3.

Now that's one @complexring.

I would write the current steem price. I think the future me would get a kick out of that.

This seems like something that could be done through Shapeways. I have designed rings before, and I'm thinking I could design something similar.


OK. I wrote up a post showing how I came up with a similar design.

In that post is a Shapeways link for a size 11 ring. I think they have gold, platinum, bronze, silver, and metal plated, along with other materials.

Love them! It would be a great honor to wear this "unique" piece of steemit history. :P Well done!

There should also be a ring for when you become a whale. You know, a super-whale and part of the elite club.

I'm just thinking out loud here, but perhaps it should have a whale on it. Feedback welcome.

There should be one for every creature: Minnow, dolphin, and whale.

I'd love a massive dogecoin medallion with about 0.0000003 pence worth of doge on it!! Made of lead but sprayed gold!

Hahahaha good old Doge always following behind with the jokes.

Such jewelry, much rings!

Looks nice!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you charlie, I love the fact that this blog made 1.5k$ , looking forward to buy some steem when they will be worth a few cents only.

This idea of having one's backup rescue fund locked into a code on a ring is a very cool one. When the lawyer comes, you ask them to give it to them for safekeeping, he's got his payment sorted out.

It's also incredibly insecure which is why I'm guessing he only keeps a few satoshis on it.

I think it would add to that if it contained a nice QR code with a wallet key on the back ;-)

OOPS - it has one

Edit 2 - You just gave me a great idea for a soldiers type badge

好多 STEEM金光闪闪... ..诱人

Wow. such steem. much riches. very profit.

Charlie, I enjoy your posts and I've read or at least skimmed most of them. I rarely upvote because you already make so much and don't need my vote to reach the front page but god damn I love that ring. Upvote for you sir!

The engraved key with a few Satoshis is awesome!

You da real G!

Hi Charlie it looks great. I live in Bangkok and its fairly inexpensive to get quality jewelry made here. If you want I could get some prices. Cheers.

Looks good,
How an idea ring can be stylized like a handclasp.
or like many hands hold and support Steemit logo :)

My precious! :)

Seriously: Its a GREAT idea. I just can dream about it...

Good idea!

I would buy one, where did you get the bitcoin ring?

I made it !

This is so Gangsta ... me likey!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Both are lovely. Great job! What about a QR code ring? Could that be usable?

Ha ha. I think this post paid for your ring. Could Be a business in crypto bling. Paid for in crypto of course. I'd love one if you can ship to Australia

Cool, I'll take two!

Good luck Charlie - I hope it has an anti-whale repellent button for whales that are not @smooth !! ;)

That is cool. I'd be curious to see how they are made -think it would make a great post.

I Like It

Due to youlove of Steem.

I would wear one of those!

I actually like the design, it's simple and stylish, I wouldn't add any texts or other symbols on it.

It's probably designed for men only, but it would perfectly fit my style :)

I designed it for men and women, I wear a ring size 7 but Courtney wears it too sometimes. The engraving on the inside is neat.

I'd love one too then! The cool thing is that it looks good even if you have no idea what steem is )

Waiting for your updates on pricing

Nice ring. I have some silver and some cabochons, and was thinking into making them into a ring, but now I'll have to think about design also.

I tend to down vote the top trending post for now other reasons but over-payment compared to content.
But this article makes my conscious clear(ER)... it is total garbage compared to payout.

Thats a very cool design, I like it a lot!

Interesting take.

it's beautiful, i'm in!

Very good what you have posted, Thank you for sharing

That's hot... Steem and silver are on the rise and make a powerful duo. Good looks @charlieshrem

I'd give 1000 Mackerel Coin for that mahf!

Super nice! I would engrave my username inside the ring. I am more the gold typ so I would prefer a gold ring but this one has actually a really amazing design!!

I love the idea and the steem ring looks great.

It's a bit bulky for my taste.

Agree its a great talking point :)
Will go well with the shirt you won in my comp hehe.
Hoping to get them back from print next week!!!

Cant wait!

Charlie, I would buy one if it was under a $200.00. My steemit growth is slow.

I will do my best, but it may be a little over. Silver is around $18

This is a BRILLIANT idea!
Though The cost is in the making of a custom ring. Very few rings have over a Troy oz or two of pure silver.

Hi Charlie, I can get these manufactured in bulk here in South Africa. A business partner of mine is a designer for jewellery investment casting. South Africa has a wealth of mineral resources and we can support a training school for local underpriviledged communities who can manufacture at competitive rates. Once you have your order list let me know, I can make this happen for you and more! Titanium and Stainless options also possible.

Shoot me an email [email protected]

Shotgun haha awesome as. Would love one

that thing is awesome, i'm sure a lot of people have no clue what it means, and that's why it is a great conversation starter

The return of 4-fingered Charlie: Steem!

Fun!! I'd totally rock one...I'd throw in some sapphires...being not just the Steemit colors but the stone has these attributes:

  1. It encourages an open mind and self discipline.
  2. Is a symbol of integrity and wisdom
  3. And known to help maintain clear vision of where it is you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

P.S. I just happen to love the study of stones and the effects of colors and vibration ...I'm a nerd but it's fun.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@charlieshrem I prefer the bit coin ring :)

Can I have one for free? Pleaseee! ;)

Hi @charlieshrem, If I may offer a design suggestion - I think this would be a better ring if the steem symbol was slightly rounded in relief. As it is, it is like someone cut the pieces out of cardboard or a metal sheet and I think if they were raised and rounded to make them more 3/d it would be a much better design. Just my 2 cents.

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This looks like a great and easy way to invest in silver. I would definitely look at a female version of such a ring.

Awesome design! Want one but can't right now.