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STEEM Token Will be added to Jaxx Wallet & Other Fiat Integrations

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Hey All, 

I've been somewhat off the radar lately, however I've been working on some integrations for Steem. I spent some time a few weeks ago with Ned in Germany (and a bunch of other Steemians!) and this week in New York. 

I took on a full time role at, as Director of Business Development, and we are moving forward adding new tokens, of course one of them being Steem! 

Here are some articles about it:

For those who do not know, is the largest multi token and coin wallet on 9 platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux! 

Additionally, I've been working on getting STEEM more fiat on/off ramps. A few years ago I consulted for a company, (

Users will be able to buy and sell STEEM using local bank transfers, credit card and other methods in 21 currencies and 119 countries. 

Here is a testing screenshot! 

Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback. 

As for ETA, I do not have one yet. Once we get STEEM in the system, other BitShare's tokens will be alot easier 


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Additionally, I've been working on getting STEEM more fiat on/off ramps.



So much this.

Thanks for chiming in, Charlie. We really appreciate hearing from you and the work you're doing to bring crypto to the masses.


Yeah a chance for FAST moving of money as opposed to the current... WAITING... and more waiting... on bitcoin. If I could convert from STEEM to fiat, and vice versa I honestly likely would very rarely actually touch bitcoin due to its speed and the fees.


Same here. We'll also need a stable SBD though. Some interesting thoughts on that here by @timcliff.


Yeah SBD has gone a little bonkers. If people want to buy it when it is high and lost peg then I'll sell it, but it'd be nice and better for the system if it regained it's peg.

I've heard some witnesses may not be making adjustments properly to fix that.

I've also wondered if some of it is the press and current frenzy and people treating SBD like other cryptos and buying it without realizing it is not intended to pump like other currencies. If enough of that occurs then it would inflate the price.

I'll check out Tim's post you linked... I may have already read it. :)


Everyone wants in on the Big Bucks... Check out my Posts on Pocket Change...




I think this will be huge. And a great step when it comes converting people to steem since you don't have to go to Bitcoin and to get steem and viceversa, especially for people who don't use Bitcoin on a regular basis.

As everyone was saying, great thanks for the effort and everything Charlie!


That is so me, having just joined I would rather go straight to Steemit rather than have bitcoin in the middle.


I like your comment, @newsdesk. Same here too. I can't wait for Charlie's work to come to limelight. STEEM ON!


Thank you, for now @maryfavour I have got some ethereum and then onto steem - steem power.


Yeah it makes perfect sense.


Bitcoin is a pain in the ass imo. I'm a fan of it for a store of value, as far as an every day transaction form of money I think steem blows it out of the water. Steem directly to fiat and vice versa would be absolutely amazing.


Can't agree more - jaxx has a huge user base. It's really great to see steem added into the portfolio!


I myself use Jaxx Wallet and besides a few more that i use, is one of my go too wallets. I was excited when you shared the news. One thing people may not know about the Jaxx Wallet is you can move currencies from one to the next inside the wallet and not need to leave the wallet. It's a nice feature amd pretty handy, and that way you eliminate lossage and chancing loosing your coins. Steem deserves to be traded and used freely and by adding it to outside wallets, it allows more people to use them and maybe if they are interested, earn their own with their creativity. Thanks for sharing and i'm looking forward to using the steem feature.


to watch gaming news


I don't like gaming news.


I agree... Crypto is what the Steemit people are mostly searching for, other than Pocket

What is so special about Jaxx wallet? They are willing to integrate 50+ junk coins.

Charlie rules!
I can't wait for Steem to be added to Jaxx, it is my favorite wallet. 👍

This is awesome, more exposure to other crypto users.

As for ETA, I do not have one yet. Once we get STEEM in the system, other BitShare's tokens will be alot easier

Good news for #BitShares too.
Thank you.

Great news @charlieshrem. - I pm'd you a while back regarding the ring. Not sure if you saw it. Please could you get back to me when you have some time. Thanks for the update appreciate the work you've done.


Nice! did you order a crypto key Ring??? dude I have a similar idea i know ull like, its a stemit or 2fa or bitcoin private key KEYCHAIn u can make yourself, out of an old aluminim coke or beer can!

and this other style I made

and use this cheap $10 label maker to actually hand write your keys so no printers are involved in printing crypto paper wallets!

I know you know the importance of backing up your wallet!
I would like my article to get popular so more noobs can rememberto make a hard backup of their steemit password and not just paper, but dimalabel maker or hand carved is probobly teh safest way to store it!

anyway i thought this info would be relevant!
and yeah this new steem token in jaxx wallet will be huge for steem....god imagien when they start selling actual ads on steemit! giving all of us a cut!

imagien wen steemit goes ublic anhas an actual IPO iitial stock offering! lOL if thats even possible! its liek as steempower holder YOu are like a SHARE holder! were all shareholders with our steempower!


This is going to be a great addition especially with the fact that Jaxx integrates shapeshift so you can turn your steem into other cryptos in a snap!


Have a good week Johal my friend!!


Thanks brother you as well.

Nice. Practical daily solutions with STEEM. Thumbs Up!

With the ease of use of Steem the way it was built, and such a great onramp to onboard people into crypto so smoothly and learn basics here, this is very good news for more practical real world disruptive solutions to help do simple things like - literally buy groceries with!

Nice work Charlie.

Excellent informative post with very bright news for the future of Steem and Steemit something we are all passionate about. Please keep up the good work my friend @charlieshrem as I am counting on the success of Steemit and Steem along with so many people.

Hey Charlie, welcome home old friend. I did do an article on you a few weeks back on your new Jaxx role:

Well done on the Steemit integration for the wallet BTW!

I've just arrived in Tel Aviv last night for a 3 week vacation here in Israel :)

Hoping to see more of your posts on here again soon ... we missed you!

Congratulations @charlieshrem!
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One amongst 70 coins, I hope it's going to be added in the first fews, Most likely not given how different from bitcoin and ETH it is.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

We're flying really high now! Get ready to rock and roll...


awesome news man !
and great photo @furion @svk @mrs.steemit spotted :)

Yes!!! What about PayPal ?

Thanks for the update. Great news!

The news comes in the moment when I just changed my BTC wallet from Blockchain to Jaxx and on the same time joined STEEM comminity. Perfect!!!

This is great news as I live in South Africa and I do already have a payza account. This will actually be very big for steem. Thanks for the update I am following Cheerz.

Oh nice! What a great news for the Community. Congratulation to @ned, @chalieshrem and Jaxx for making this happen. Great job!

Never used Jaxx before...will give it try...:)

This is awesome.

Thank you!! 🙏

Thanks man I believe this will change lives! Death to poverty!!!

Powerful posting for us all to be aware of! Thanks a huge bunch!!!

Namaste :)

Great news for Steem and the entire community. Thanks!

wow that report was awesome and thank you

This is awesome! Thank you for this post and the great work you are doing.

What a great news for steemit for being added in jaxx and very soon in payza.... With lighting fast transactions, steem can be a disruptive token for money transfers and remittances as well.

so this basically will help open a Steem > Fiat gateway through Payza fiat jaxx bitshares gateway AND through a bitshares Pegged Steem token, what can we do?
Here is an asset class graph I made to show btcAsetClasses.png

see how facebook is worth ovr 200 billion well noone calls facebook a scam that cant sustain itself....steemit will fr sure be worth MORE than facebook! \

just look at steempower as like owning STOCK in steemit! Facebook is the old model of keeping alll the money made by least youtube started paying its top users! in fact youtube offers to pay all of its long as they get enough views!

now with steemit we are SHARING that profit from views WITHOUT ads!

our ystem will become MASIVLEY wealthy froom "Advertising" using PROMOTED stories!

we can advertise that steemit offers ads throughthe promotiontool!
and we can offer real "ads" by just allowing promoted stores like reddiit has on wouldnt hurt us, and the ad reenue can go partly towards upgrading steemit and another half or more can all goback towards all steemit users! or maybe a lottery that gives out teh steem to some random users! yes that way many minos can get some steempower!


I have something to ad. I use the BRAVE browser. They are coming out with a coin that when you watch an ad, you will be paid for watching that ad. They are tradable and spendable and that's the wave of the future. It's going to be realeased on 5-31-17. It's called the BAT coin. It's basically gonna pay you for watching ads and then instead of someone else making money off of you, they are going to compinsate you for your time. This will put the screws to google adsense. Then what you can do is give the BAT coins to whomever you like, lets say you're favorite web page for putting out awsome imformation or keeping you entertained. It'll be peer to peer but you will be compinsated for your time. Now that being said, steem is based on sharing your creativity. And that's the model for them. Someone posting their content and others liking it and they get paid. So in my opinion there are options coming out so that steem doesn't have to put itself out there in order to bring in funds from the outside world by leveraging ads. They just need more creative people coming from other docial platforms and using steem. Remember it all boils down to creative input. I just wanted to share my thoughts, thanks for reading.

I see Bitcoin and Steem going to grow in the coming weeks.

Exciting times, things are moving along swimmingly!

Fantastic work Charlie, I have seen you in the news a lot and am proud of your achievements, Steem on my friend!

upvote and rs for you...

This is great @charlieshrem! saw you at the BlockShow Europe as a moderator and is awesome to see how Steem and Blockchain technology is bringing lots of solutions to different industries!

Greetings from Colombia!


goddammit... just when Jaxx totally fucks up and loses my business, you gotta drop some great news like this. lol.

seriously hope the issues with the wallet get sorted out ASAP, cuz this is definitely a great step for Steem... props.


I spun on over to your post and gave it a read.

Great to hear from you, Charlie! Great article
This is my 2nd article on Steemit:
I would really appreciate an upvote and resteem.

This is great I already love jaxx I can't wait till i can hold more coins on it!

STEEM slowly but surely getting in. Txs.

see youve been busy lately with other projects. How about the DASH debit card update?? Ive not heard or seen any updates, my guess is your answer will be were working on it, technical stuff, etc. Hope you come through with this card soon and not ignore us since you already got paid by DASH.

Its nice to see you posting again. It's been a while. By the way, which is better wallet, Jaxx or Exodus?

This is sooooooooooo great! Steem appears to be the future of social media and will promote it everyday! Great job!

I am learning about wallets (been using coinbase) and want to know which is best. Appreciate your article and also the steemers comments about Jaxx.

I'm new to crypto currency but glad to read this @charlieshrem. I will download the Jax wallet and check it out.

Cool bro.. started following you... :)

very interesting, thanks for posting - Subbed!

This is fantastic news. Great PR man

@tahir, check this out!

Cool post and great read. Thanks for sharing @charlieshrem . Following you :)

It looks like STEEM is up 1500% in the last week. Upvote if you are liking this.


Great news and awesome that you are back on track!

Happy that I met you! :)

I like to hang out, especially with my closest relatives. Especially with a steemian friend,,,,,

omg this is the big news, i just read it....

gtg to set witness up...

"Users will be able to buy and sell STEEM using local bank transfers, credit card and other methods in 21 currencies and 119 countries. "
The best possible news I've come across Steem <3 Thank you

Thank you for your continued contributions to Steemit.

It sounds great!

Wow this steem get new rocket booter pack over mars , yahoo

Awesome! Thanks for the hard work!

We are with you! It's very nice

yep ive got Jaxx mate, bloody great wallet too :)) im wondering if the Veri tokens will be added its still in ICO "inital coin offer" currently im thinking will be public soon to snap up.....:)) cheers...

Fantastic news. Thanx (y)

This is a very nice charlieshrem

Thanks for the news. Miss you guys..good times with great people! Glad I got to meet you and your fiancé :)

great. but payza is very similar to paypal. they have chargebacks. So, exchange with payza will be safe ?

good !!!!


Awesome! Keep calm and steem on!

Looks like it might be time to dust off the old Payza account....

Thank you this will be great keep us in formed .

nice sharing. hope for best future for crypto

I've been working on getting STEEM more fiat

YESS!! Thank you! I was hoping for Jaxx to add STEEM soon! Great news!

Great work ! STEEM ON :)

Awesome development... it is nice to know that Steem is quite at par or even more advanced in its steps for mass adoption compared to other cryptos. Followed you and hoping to see more development in your posts. Thanks again for sharing.

Huge news, exciting times also with the BTCC opps

awesome!! couldn't wait

This is huge!!!!! user experience is simplified and life becomes more easier for steemians!!!Truly appreciated!

great post - thx ;)

Upvoted & followed

you made very good points and i agree with you 100 percent

Nice group of people 🙏

This is great news. I just hope we gonna see more coming soon.

Absolutely amazing!

"Users will be able to buy and sell STEEM using local bank transfers, credit card and other methods in 21 currencies and 119 countries. "

Keep up the good work @charlieshrem.

how is your Dash debit card going?

steem is a great currency and steemit provide us an opportunity to earn it for free great place greate people

Great informations. Please Upvote, Follow or Resteem.
Thank you for reading.

good news :D

Very cool, I'm a complete noob and I have been trying to buy some steem using fiat. As far as I can determine, I have to buy bitcoin first, then do an exchange; but damn it's confusing which exchange to use, can I use paypal etc.
I'd love to just use fiat to buy some steem. Just keep me in the loop. Upvoted and following....

this is great news! i also read that you will be making changes to the signup process any news on that?

was going to buy steem today, but I don't own Bitcoin and I can't use other methods of paying. Please set this up quickly for all the people here who is new to the crypto system and want to participate.

Yes yes yes Amazing thats powerful man charlieshrem. Man this is a huge breakthrough for steem!!! #steempowereverydayallday

Good news. I love you steem and steemit.