CoinDesk On Tap, STEEM Meetup NYC and New Venture

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Hey guys!

Earlier this week I gave a talk at CoinDesk in NYC about STEEM and my new venture as well - which is a new token, the MIT, backed by ownership in a portfolio of US companies managed by Intellisys Capital

There were 80 people at the talk and thanks to @riverhead for giving me a STEEM pin to wear during the talk!

At one point during the talk we were discussing "What are currently the most promising Appcoin projects?"

I turned to the audience and said "How many of you have written, voted or even browsed ?"

Out of 80 people, over a dozen raised their hands.

I turned to Marco and said "I think we have the winner. "

After the talk I sat with the CoinDesk folks and I explained to them that the price may not always reflect how a project is doing, its the users and community. I've always said that the crypto community is stronger than anything. If you have a community a project will succeed.

They said "I think we should be covering Steem more often" and I even suggested @Ned give the next talk at the "OnTap Series"

The following more @wmougayar wrote a fantastic article on CoinDesk called "Steemit's First 'Fest' Reveals the Power of Blockchain Community"

I also want to thanks the guys below for coming to the event.

@hitheryon - (Michael, Kirk, Eric, Jeremy)
@voronoi - Kirk
@hansikhouse - Michael
A few others I cannot remember, I'm sorry!

Here is some more information about my new venture. I look forward to buying Steem as part of the projects portfolio.

Happy Holidays



Great talk, Charlie. I had no idea you were such a big wig in the BTC crowd :). Thanks for being so humble and approachable.

Of course! You are awesome, thanks for being there!

I am so pleased we have you on board and promoting our community:) Anyway I'll stop there as I don't want to get embarrassing.

Hey guys I'm new to steem it! Please follow me! Thanks guys!


Solid brother, I will be in touch soon I got tied down with work.. ran into some family business I had to attend to, will be sending you that money when I get back to Seattle.

Great to meet you, Charlie (and @riverhead) among many others! It was very exciting to talk steemit among such an energized community of crypto experts and enthusiasts. Having a legal perspective from Marco provided a very informative balance in the conversation. Awesome and comprehensive on-tap. Cheers!

can i please add to the discussion here though it is a bit offpoint, but i am needing to say it cos tit is kind of apparent that many havent really notice that mentioning or tagging someone in a post doesnt really work. it does when you are replying to someone, they get notified but if you mention some like @riverhead for instance in you comment above, it doesnt send him a notification, so that he can come and be part of this important convo. i am hoping to place it here, so perhaps it can be seen and be worked on and this will really enhance sttemit if tagging or mention users by their usernames work!

It was great to meet you in person, Charlie! It was a very interesting talk, looking forward to the next event.

Is this project you were talking about when you mentioned the opportunity of ownership of the real physical assets of the company through tokens? Can you give its website as well?

Awesome to meet you! Thanks again for such a great talk and chat. It was an eye opening experience for our group. Looking forward to next one!

Great work, Charlie! You are our hero.

Very good post! Thanks for sharing this wonderful chat, it's very interesting! Very good information .. I am new to this I take a few days, much of it does not understand but I like it a lot because it makes me interact with people from all over the world and it is very nice to meet people like you .. Following and Voted to @charlieshrem? Follow me @sandra16 Regards! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Charlie! You are number one!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you very mych

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