Charlie Shrem to Kick Off New CoinDesk Event Series in NYC

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I'm excited to announce the next stop for my speaking tour, heading back to where it all began. New York City.

Marco Santori and I will be talking about Steem and a bunch of subjects during this intimate event. If you are in town, please join us!

The early days of bitcoin are chock full of characters who fearlessly navigated unknown and choppy waters.
For some people, those unchartered waters led to trouble. But only Charlie Shrem can claim the title of "Bitcoin's First Felon."
Join the CoinDesk team on November 22 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for our inaugural CoinDesk On Tap, an intimate fireside chat with Cooley LLP's Marco Santori and Charlie Shrem.
Santori and Shrem will talk about life after jail, and the lessons entrepreneurs can take from his experience.
Held at CoinDesk's headquarters in midtown Manhattan, CoinDesk On Tap is a new series of monthly events where individuals in the digital currency and blockchain sector share their stories, ideas for the future and what they’ve learned in this rapidly evolving industry.
Food and drink will be provided (of course), courtesy of Atlantic Financial, so we can properly toast Charlie's return to New York.
Be sure to register at EventBrite before tickets sell out!

Link to the announcement:

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Man, times like this I really wish I didn't hate going in to the city so much.



This event sounds like a great deal, tickets are only $20, and you get some food and drink. What else Joseph, what else? Oh yes, you also get to meet Charlie in person.


Should be fun!


@charlieshrem = the man. (Y)

Hi @charlieshrem we just booked our tickets! We're a collective of NYC-based architects and artists eager to learn more about your entrepreneurial endeavors in bitcoin, blockchain and perspectives on the future of steemit. Looking forward to meeting you next week. We are - @hitheryon @voronoi @hansikhouse


oh that so cool! Please come and introduce yourself! Shoot me an email, we may have a steem meetup. [email protected]

Exciting development, good to hear. Thanks for sharing and namaste :)

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RS + UV this post for you. Have a great time! I wish I could come! Come to #Canadastan Charlie! We can pizza! - Have a great week brother.


Thank you very much for the invitation, I wish you an excellent working day in New York, surely it will be more than interesting. Congratulations on another great post. @ Charlieshrem


agreed brother

you must be exhausted and stoked!
I get Jet lag if I run around the house too fast, that's pretty much how untraveled I am




Don't laugh, its a true story!
Have a great eve

Bought my ticket immediately after seeing the Coindesk post. See you there!

Check out our video comment!

Sounds like a great opportunity!

Good to hear that, thank you :)

Getting my tickets now!