A Quick Observation of STEEM Power

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Jokes aside, I want to share my observations of STEEM power (very briefly). STEEM power has never really had an effect on how much STEEM my posts made. In fact, I made the most on a post when I was brand new to this site. What contributes most to how much I earned was who my posts reached, and how many people they reached (and comments, etc...). I've had about $1600 in STEEM power lately. The only thing that really makes a difference with more STEEM power is that comments I upvote shoot up about 16 cents in value instantly. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you can make a lot of money on Steemit whether you have the power or not! If you want to have a bigger impact however, you need the STEEM power!

By the way, I'm starting a power down. I'm not leaving this site, I just want to move a lot of my cryptocurrencies around and gamble a bit! I may eventually shove them all back here in the future, so don't act like I have no faith in this platform!

P.S. You will definitely notice the power if you are a freaking whale! If you are, I don't know why you are even reading this...

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