Steem is up 35 % :). Like it and support our idea :).

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hey steemiams

First of all thanks to @hintenberg for the lovely message and the extra steem $ as direct donation to @charityproject


(fotocopyright @contentjunkie )

secondly: We like to buy computers for a school in Tirol / Brasil only using value created on the blockchain and without converting to $$$$££££€€€€€ at any stage.

Your upvote is highly appreciated

Thank You


Finally. I accumulated enough Steems. Hopefully $5 at the end of Nov. Upvoted. Follow me if you can

Yeah, that's not gonna happen (so soon at least), but you can always wish for it ^^

congrats sir for this and i also like to resteemd it to reach this post to maximum steemians

I knew it wouldnt go much lower! So glad I turned my sbd into steem power! To the moon! :)


Its a noble job..... @charityproject and from here i urge all steeminas to contribute as little as possible....lets not forget these tiny donation will bring a big smile on our face than spending 100s of dollars in restaurant.....

Lets all try to fulfill the purpose of charityproject.

Thank you and have a great day,; love to those kids...

I love to see Steemit can bring people together for this causes. Upvoted from all of my heart :) .

It is my pleasure. I regret my upvote doesn't mean so much yet. But I will resteem it :)

Yes..I think and I know @charityproject is one of great helpful project in this platform...
I really like support @charityproject

Upvoted and resteemed...


I love Steemit

very nice logo @contentjunkie 🔝
great to see steem up in price.
hope the follower count keeps climbing in double digits too!🌜

Thanks for sharing.

That's Great to know Steem to the up trend :) looks great

One day you will also see my name in the donation list....and probably next month and its really bit of relief for all of us for appreciation of steem vs usd...

May i ask you one question sir.....which level do you see of steem price vs usd in november/december 2017...

Thanks a lot...steem on & stay blissful...

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