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Greetings, steemers! We’re Changelly, a crypto exchange platform, providing the best currency rates on the market. Not long ago, we got upvoted to include Steem to our list of supported currencies: We wanna thank everyone who upvoted and supported us, especially @ash and @officialfuzzy. We’re glad to see STEEM and SBD available on Changelly. In this guide we’re gonna show you how you can withdraw STEEM and SBD directly to Changelly. Both are withdrawn similarly.

1. First, you need to create a transaction. Go to and select the amount you want to exchange, say, 3 SBD to BTC, and click "Exchange!". 

2.  Check the amount you've entered, the ticker and the final amount of BTC expected. Click 'Next". 

3.  Enter the BTC address you want to receive BTC. 

4. Check your payment details and click 'Confirm & Make Payment'.

5. Now you see the information you need to get your transaction finished. There are an address and Memo, a short recipient code you’ll need to indicate later.

6. So now you're in your Steemit account and want to exchange Steem Dollars. Select Steem Dollars and 'transfer' in the drop-down menu of your wallet.

7. In a pop-up window, enter “Changelly”, the amount you want to exchange (3 SBD) and Memo. Once everything is entered correctly, press 'Transfer'.

8. Re-enter your password on Steemit to confirm your transaction.

Here you go! Within 5-20 minutes you'll get your STEEM or Steem Dollars exchanged to BTC on your BTC wallet. A duck soup even for non tech-savvy users! If you still have questions about how to exchange STEEM or SBD on Changelly, don't hesitate to ask our support team!

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Fantastic!!! I will be referring to this post for converting steem to BTC.
I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions.
Thank you so much for this posting.

Steem on,

yes this is essential for people who feel trapped inside this system of Steem !! This is a great thing, but im not saying either im Powering down right now as it full Steem ahead, when the going gets tough, the tough get going !! ; - )

Whoohoo! Came here from their Twitter post!! This is going to help everybody out a ton!! Thanks for this!!!


Thank you for this posting

Thank you for this @changelly I'm now following you and added you to my SteemIt Forum!

Thank you

Thank god! I was so excited about this platform and almost chose to avoid it, because I couldn't find a clear exit strategy. Now I can safely invest for both short and long term.

This is great, I have used @changelly exchanging other alt coins in the past, so it's nice to know I can transfer straight out from my steemit account. Thanks!

Your website doesn't offer SBD or Steem as a trading option in the drop-down menu