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Joe Rogan was just introduced to STEEM and his reaction was more than positive. Joe has yet to learn about Dtube, Dlive, Dsound, and the rest of the platforms powered by STEEM. kaBOOM!

Lets ALL tweet Joe, comment on his page, and invite him here to STEEM and Dtube immediately!

Watch the entire podcast here:

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Joe Rogan is an auto-believer. He assumes "terror attacks" and "school shootings" are all real. He pretends to distrust the mainstream media, but he literally NEVER questions their narratives, and has yet to expose a single psyop or out a single crisis actor. He's not alt-media. He's mainstream, dressed up as an alternative. He's a gatekeeper and a thought-coraller.

Therefore, in my opinion, Joe Rogan is a dangerous propagandist. He poses as a free thinker, but never looks at the overwhelming and undeniable evidence that most "shootings" and "terror attacks" are simply street theatre and drills sold as real events by the media. Instead, he only discusses these events as if they actually happened. Which is completely insane to anyone who's actually done some research on these things.

Now, I welcome Joe to Dtube and Steem, as I do all folks, but for the record: watch out for this guy. He gives you 90% truths, then slips in the propaganda when you least suspect it.

If Joe Rogan is going to be in Steemit and Dtube: hold his feet to the fire and get him to discuss uncomfortable evidence that goes against his overwhelming desire to make us BELIEVE in the things he's trying to sell us. (And yes, he's trying to sell these events to you)


Bro... I put on the tin foil hat jist to read your comment. ;)


Sometimes in this business man staying neutral and keeping it real are not in the best interest of the program.Joe Is a solid dude I met him back in 2008. He was actually threatened a few years back by the powers that be. for starting to expose truths in media. He lives in the devil's Anus(Cali) alot of mainstream liberal ideology there can tear a man down quick.

Here is a link , and you can search but every video of the testimony has been removed from the web. except for people like Alex jones who has the original copy.


If we can get him on here it will be huge! Lets ALL tweet Joe, comment on his page, and invite him here to STEEM and Dtube immediately!


yeahhh budddyyyy


@markjackson, you can say that again. lets pull Joe down here.

Heavy shakers coming down to Steemit...



we need everybody to tell ppl about steemit etc not just one person a community is not built on 1 person its up to all of use to do our part


No, we don't.


Bigger players come on board, bigger audiences follow them, your STEEM and SBD skyrocket.


Wants vs needs.


I second that. No pseudo-truther & controlled opposition puppet like joe needed here.

@champagnecrypto It looks like this may be your highest payout post ever CHAMP, Congrats !!!


Thanks @stokjockey Shout out to the @dtube bot! kaBOOM!

He would bring a massive boost to STEEM! Love Joe! Let's get him on here!

that would be awesome if we could get joe on the platform

He would bring so many with him.

So cool! Here's the location where they talk about Steemit (at 2:38:55):


thanks for this

Joe Rogan is the man! I met him a few years back after one of his shows in Baltimore and gave him my book!

I think Joe Rogan viewers are probably more inclined than average to get on board with this platform too.


@moxeymunchies, every human being wants to be loved, appreciated and cared for which is what steemit is all about. a place to make friends and interact wih people you haven't met in person.

Having his viewers get on board won't be a difficult task at all just as you have rightly put.


"This seems like more next level." ~Joe Rogan, about Steem


That is why I just recently joined, check out my latest video if you are interested in philosophical content. Thanks, dude!


yes @blervin, the next level,

its all about Joe on steemit


This is potentially the huge moment we have all been waiting for. If he persues learning about Steemit and commits to it we will see huge adoption. Even just this little blurb is awesome.

Yada Yada Joe Rogan....hes the man....good start, let's go!!!!!


LOL should i feel dumb i dont know who joe rogan is....


are you serious?


If joe sees us talking about him and voting our own comments he's going to fuck off immediately.


He's done a lot of things, he's done UFC commentating, he hosts his podcast, he has a lot of varied interests that intersect with a lot of people so he has a huge following.


yeah it would be huge


Just so you know, I will never upvote a post that is self-voted. I'm not alone.

By self-voting, you are preventing others from upvoting you.


Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, martial arts commentator, and podcast host who has a large following.


Hosted Fear Factor...Dave Chapelle made a few skits about/with him


I forgot about Fear Factor. . he was also the last host (along with Doug Stanhope) of The Manshow . before they ran it through the ground.
It wasn't a good moment for him. He really shines as a UFC commentator and the podcast he conducts.
With a tremendous amount of followings in both spectrums, getting on Steemit would be ace.


He's always had an open mind on things that are anti-state, pro-freedom, decentralized, etc, like crypto. I remember a few years ago he interviewed @adamkokesh.


Uh, maybe just uninformed? Lol.


Lol damn y'all had me feeling stupid but he looks familiar lol go easy on me guys

No way... holy shit.

Also, I thought that medium users subscribe for 5 dollars a month, and they clap for articles and the writers get paid that way?

I've been spreading the good word of steem / steemit / dtube as much as possible. I think it's massively important for this community to evangelize the platform so we can grow and see more diverse creators. I know TJ Kirk uses dtube I believe, he's one of the reasons I started using it, but a guy like Joe Rogan would be huge.

He gets it

That would be pretty sick to get Joe Rogan posting podcasts on dtube.

sick. I have been tweeting these platforms and tagging Joe for a few weeks now 😀😀😀😀😀

Joe Rogan is the shit. He always tells it like it is, calls bullshit when he sees it. And instantly recognizes something worthwhile when he sees it.

Wow that was my friend in that post, @Adept had just passed away. And was just shown on the JRE! Hey @champagnecrypto... check out this Trending post about my dear friend @Adept.

Joe is the man, and sounded genuinely interested in the concept of steem and steemit, even though the guy interviewing Joe slaughters his explanation of what steemit is.
Joe thought steemit was a band at the beginning for fuck sake...
The interviewer made it sound like when you upvoted someone else's content, that you gave them your actual steem currency for it. You dont actually give people your steem coin for upvoting content (as we all know).
I feel Joe would have been more excited than he already was if explained steemit properly.. but hey, I guess #DYOR
Go back and watch it if you didn't catch it, and listen to how the interviewer explains how steemit's curration process works.


Steemit is the world's biggest band, lol

Yeah, the explanation was butchered. But at least it's in his mind now.

He's talking like this platform is a pipe dream. I wish that Jaime explained it to him better. The currency is already excepted!

very funny video!

This is awesome. I just tweeted at Joe to get on Steemit and Dtube. Great timing, maybe he'll be one of the first to release an SMT.

Can't watch the live stream 😔

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Sounds like a hella good plan man. I'll get in on that action

Once he's all in, and starts promoting Steem, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are donezo.

lol Joe will accidentally rape the reward pool, love some JRE but do we need him here, really? :)

Is it sad that I don't know who Joe Rogan is? I had to look him up. :D

someone needs to let him know about dtube and dsound lol This is awesome hope he ends up checking it out and finds out that no one has to pay that we upvote for free and the author gets payed we are so lucky to have this system. I love STEEM!!!

Getting Joe Rogan on Steemit would be absolutely sick.

Oh wow I missed this!
This is awesome!!!!!!!!

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Joe Rogan was digging the idea of Steemit!

Oh fuck yeah Joe gets it all right...Quote, "dude that would be amazing to write cool ass articles and people pay you based on that article"

Love it, come with your bad ass self. Joe :)

upvote follow bunny.gif

Why would we need a fake & total sellout like Josephine here on steemit???

lol its sad what he is saying as steemit have it all but he has never heard of it

joe is the man! So amazing that Steemit caught his attention!

Mhm, mhm, keep em coming.

If he is active on twitter he will surely be very active here too 💪 kaBOOM!!


K, I just tweeted him.

This is only the start of it.
News like this will surface all the time now, as more and more people spread the word and as more and more people get in it.
Great news.

One of my favourite podcasters.

here we goo!! Can't wait until more fantastic content creators see the light :)

telling joe all about it is cool and i also i don't know much about these stuffs

Great news! Welcome to Steemit community!
Have huge fun and tremendous success! Fly to the moon!

joe is a cool dude, very well informed with certain issues glad he's on board!

Awesome huge fan of his podcast will definitely follow him on here if he joins. It's going to be a good year for Steem. Kaboom!!!