[Changelog] python-steem 0.3.0

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python-steem 0.3.0

This release constitutes a major update with refactored code from


A major changes had been happened under the hood, namely, most libraries have been moved from piston into python-steem. This allows to use Steem() with as little code as this:

from steem import Steem()

In order to not break compatibility with your existing code, you can still load Steem() and all the other classes from piston.steem, however, you will see a depracation error.

In general, developers can replace all appearances of:

from piston.XXXXXXX import YYYYYYY


from steem.XXXXXXX import YYYYYYY

Furthermore, the steemexchange is now more closesly integrated into Steem and can be used like this:

from steem.steem import Steem
from steem.dex import Dex

dex = Dex(Steem())

This will also load your local wallet that you can manage through python, or piston. Note that the format of some calls are now different by unified.



  • [dex] added new dex.py class
  • [tests] move piston tests to steem
  • [storage] move to new data dir location
  • [refactor] piston libraries into steem
  • [API] Allow to exclude ops in account history
  • [api] return the block id on block_streams
  • [exchange] constistent pricing in SBD per STEEM


  • [cleanup] code cleanup
  • [legacy] remove legacy wallet code
  • [setup] Do not require seck256k1 installation
  • [tests,setup] update setup to fix tests
  • [docs] update of docs to show correct steem libs
  • [Makefile] update clean
  • [piston] remove references to piston
  • [base] Add custom_json oepration and tests
  • [transactions] add account_witness_vote

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