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PantherFX Trading Education


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Why PantherFX Trading

There are many different approaches to trading Forex, some more complex than others.
​At PantherFX Trading we have filtered out the growth of clutter that has created a blur to new and more experienced Traders, we have simplified and presented our strategies in a style of easy learning. Bringing the power of many experienced traders together also brings the benefit of faster development for all members.

​With many questions asked, from which broker? to can i trade with a full time job?, we are here to answer and explain every question you may have.

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My Trading Journey

From consistently losing money to consistently making money then losing money and not being able to hold on to money, the thing we as traders all have in common is,

The Journey, however long it takes, how ever many challenges, we all go through this similar journey.

My journey so far has been around 9 years,

with, the support of my family.

​Thinking, I can do this, I can do this on my own, I dont need help, family support not quite as strong as the start, dont need a mentor to realizing i do need help, I do need a mentor even if it is to iron out the smaller creases, but not having the funds to pay for one, family support very thin at this point in time to realizing i can do this in funding my education first then funding my trading account second, I had to do this, and that I did.

​I was lucky to find an amazing trader, mentor and friend, his knowledge i share with PantherFX Members today.

​I no how hard the Journey can be.

Many Benefits Our Members Receive From

Easy Learning Forex Education
Easy Learning Profitable Execution Strategies
Access To Traders Community Forum
Complete Trading Guide Through PantherFX Video Library
Weekly Market Analysis - Sundays and Wednesdays
Learning Support
My Personal Trade plan
File Sharing
Traders Journal
and much more

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Any Questions Please Don`t Hesitate To Contact Us.

[email protected]







This is the way to traders make profit from the market but they are did not spend time for learning they day by day searching the new setup or strategy which very bad for there account guy for me if you want to be in money or want to be a profitable trader then you should have to be use one setup or strategy consistent and watch the result you will be surprise after it .
Hope you like it!

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