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When will it end...??

This is the question worth asking to be honest as everytime I got extra cash with me I had bought a bunch of Steem thinking that these prices are astonishingly low and it would turn out to be a great deal if the steem's price ever picks.

Then I started buying ..
\at $0.35.
at $0.25.
at $0.20.
but it is still $ 0.19 cents a steem.

The question now is how low will it go,....??

And my answer to that is I don't know and I don't really care now because currently I am fully commited which means which steem's blockchain ever goes down completely then I AM GOING WITH IT ...!!

Which means I won't be powering down and say "Ah, Let me save as much money as I can by powering down,,"

Nah I won't back out now.. I AM IN THIS..

For the first time in my life I actually want to be commited and have faith on something . For the first time I am feeling to not let go of this........

Goodbye ...!!


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