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RE: Is Steem Accomplishing it's Goal of Success and Adoption?

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I think the enemy of the type of success you're referring to, if you will, is the fact that the term quality is so subjective. What I like to read about, watch, listen to, and so on, will never match what the rest of the world does, or at least, not the majority of them. There will always be friends and acquaintances with things and topics of interest in common, though, of course. I also have "lower" standards of quality. If watching something on DTube, and someone's camera skills aren't the greatest, I'm not going to not upvote the post just because there was a tremour in the filming of it, for instance. Same for spelling errors, and so on. Doesn't make for bad quality. In my opinion, the only bad quality? Spam posts.


Thanks for putting so much into your reply. I'm just hoping that we focus on content appreciation rather than loop holes in the system or work to fix loop holes. How attractive are we to content creators and people with big followings. How is someone new to the site handled. Very important questions.

Definitely some very good points to consider, some of which I actually did not during my last reply. I think that the people with the big followings, they're the ones that we don't want up here coming from other places. because then again, it will just be the same power struggle that we've had for a long time. People not letting the smaller communities have a chance to grow. That's why we have to go a little bit gentler on the little ones, so to speak.

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