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RE: How Many Active Users Are Really On Steemit?

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@financialcritic Your criteria for active users are only for authors, content creators are much more rare than curators. You should use the criteria for authors and curators combined. Then you truly get all active users.


I did include curators that leave comments (at least 5 comments in life of account). If a curator just upvotes and doesn't interact then I am not so sure that it's a legit curator. Haven't really thought that open to new ideas.

The whole goal of a curator is to use voting power, content creators don't need voting power.

I'm with you there, but still not following you. How would define a curator in a way I could identify in the database?

An active curator is someone who uses voting power at least X times in a certain period. The confusing part is that most accounts are hybrids that both post and curate.

Assuming that the curator isn't a bot, wouldn't that curator also leave an occasional comment on the post he/she upvotes?

I guess I'm just not imaging in my head a curator who is just upvoting without leaving a comment once a blue moon.

I like the idea of labeling as active only the users who invest a minimum of writting on steemit. On the other hand, many bots do leave comments on posts, usually asking for a follow or something like that. That said, maybe some bot's are counting as active and maybe some real active users are not.

That's true...randowhale/booster and all the welcome bots leave comments. So, maybe it's a wash?

Yeah, maybe it is but I have no idea how to get more accurate/relevant numbers.

One option that came to mind is count only users who post articles and add curators with an minimum amount of SP. It's arbitrary, but will leave most bots out. My guess is that people are using them to share their content in the future, reaching more people, but that's just a guess. If it's true, then thos bots will have no articles of their own and very small amount of SP. Anyway, still like your approach and think it has relevant information. =)

It's a legit point, in my opinion. I know a lot of people who would never comment, but would upvote/like stuff. Ofc, there are fewer of those on steemit as you actually get rewarded for commenting, but they still exist.

I'll see if there is a way to filter those in somehow. And maybe it's a wash since there are bots who comment automatically.

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