Busy News: Three months Beta, What's new/next?

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The next-gen social network platform based on the Steem Blockchain. With Busy.org: Get your value back!

Read this post on Busy.org: https://busy.org/steem/@busy.org/busy-news-three-months-beta-what-s-new-next


Busy is a non-profit organisation offering open-source projects on Steem, which aims to bridge the gap between the old economy and a new economy giving value back to people.
Our goal is to develop the best tools and strategy to bootstrap this thriving eco-system and to enable billions of people to take part in this revolution.
We aim to connect everyone to the best social network platform that can bring value back to users in a peer-to-peer and decentralised way using the power of the Steem blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



Steem.js the JavaScript API for Steem blockchain
Steem.js is now the official Javascript library for the Steem blockchain. We changed our repo to https://github.com/steemit/steem-js and are maintaining the library with the help of Steemit developers. It’s now used by apps like steemit.com, eSteem, busy, chainbb, etc. This is an important tool that facilitates the development of new apps on top of the Steem blockchain.
Since February, several updates have been made to fit the last hardforks and fix small issues.

Documentation/Github: https://github.com/steemit/steem-js
Releases: https://github.com/steemit/steem-js/releases


SteemConnect is a simple identity layer built on top of the Steem blockchain that allows you to connect to authorised apps in a secure and convenient way.

A whole ecosystem of applications is being built around the Steem blockchain. Nevertheless, this profusion of new projects that demonstrate the enthusiasm and dynamism of Steemians leads to the issue of Security for both users and developers of our ecosystem.

SteemConnect as an open-source, collaborative, transparent project, aims to become the official Steem Login and Signing Service for Third-Party Applications Apps helping the ecosystem to benefit from a convenient and secure solution. (check Steemit Roadmap 2017 p.11/22)

We released a test version (v1) that we're currently using on Busy.org, but are now working in collaboration with Steemit, to make an official v2.

SteemConnect v2 project is in progress. (code: https://github.com/adcpm/sc2) We are re-building the authentication flow to give the app more flexibility and user more securities. More info coming soon!


Busy.org is an Open-Source social network and communication platform that extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services.

  • An Open-source project and vision: we believe in the wisdom of the crowd, open decision-making, taking a collaborative and transparent approach, that's why all our work is open source. Everyone is free to contribute, by all appropriate means to accomplish our mission. Not only coders but also designers, writers, speakers, evangelists, marketers, advisors, etc.

  • A social media platform on Steem more like Facebook/Twitter/Disqus than Reddit/Medium like: On Busy we try to build a platform where everyone can participate, not only bloggers/writers. Not only focus on Money/rewards, but you can also come to chat about different topics, use private messaging, enjoy all type of contents, and bookmark it, and later on, buy/sell/use services or products

  • An alternative interface to Steemit: we work on a different approach with a user-friendly interface and specific marketing for mass adoption aiming to remove all the blockchain and cryptocurrency friction, to make it easier to adopt by everyone (gamification) and every possible niche.

  • An open platform for a future marketplace for Good and services: Busy goal is to build on top of the Busy social media platform, several Apps (like Facebook Apps, or WeChat services). We are offering a secure social network layer to bootstrap any Apps, games, community tools, marketplaces for good (like eBay, OpenBazaar), or services (Airbnb, Uber, Fiverr, etc.), using Steem.js, SteemConnect and the Busy.org 'framework.'

  • All developers can submit their project/concept and can be integrated into the Busy ecosystem very easily. We are building this All-in-one platform, embedding killers App into a social network, empowering people using the power of Steem with zero transaction fee.

Three months Beta, What's new?

It's been now three months that Busy.org has entered in Beta test phase.
About 300 people were invited to test the platform, which allowed us to take several consistent feedbacks and inputs to redirect our strategy. An excellent opportunity to help us make the next release the best possible.

Remember, this is a Beta version. There are still several works in progress, and not everything may work 100% correctly.

Our Beta goals are:

  • monitor feedbacks from users, and making improvements as quickly as possible
  • gather data to improve the product and fix issues
  • work on a full User Interface/Experience redesign, with the help of the community and our expert

What's new?

A non-exhaustive list of last updates on Busy.org:

  • Implementing new Post Modal component with next and previous button to other articles (#402)
  • Implementing new comment and reply system for post pages similar to Disqus (#402)
  • Fixing multiple bugs with comments (#402)
  • Improving the initial load time with caching of vendor javascript files separately (#411)
  • Fix the bug with existing modal (#439)
  • Fix the bug with links on Post Modal (#447)
  • Enhancement to Popover UI component (#451)
  • Browser Push Notification (#462, #464)
  • Sort Items in post feed card #418
  • Bug Fixes
    • The elapsed time meter shows wrong data #262
    • Code not embedded properly #371
    • Delete key is not appropriately functional #298
    • Spellcheck not working everywhere #427
    • Missing spell checker in post editor #345
  • Added Error Handler for blockchain error #435
  • Format bug #283
  • Get images from body if not in jsonMetadata #461
  • handle overflowing title #476
  • Server side rendering #449
  • Completed and waiting For review and merge
    • Added DefaultMessage for missing Messages #477
    • Server side for profile and feeds #470
  • Filter Resteemed posts from main Profile, created a "Reblog" tab

As you can see, many bugs are now fixed, and important features (strong community requests) are implemented such as:

  • Notifications
  • Server-side rendering (now allow you to share content on other social media like Facebook, with a Preview, and displaying good meta/description for SEO and search engines)
  • Resteemed (Reblog) page/tab

Check out latest commits, work in progress and known issues on our Github:

What can you do right now on Busy.org

  • Login with your Steem account (or use the Demo account)
  • Edit your profile information and image
  • Write a post/comment (still some bugs and known issues with the current Editor)
  • Upvote/Downvote
  • Add/remove favourites tags (Bookmark)
  • Follow/Unfollow authors
  • Add/remove favourites authors
  • Transfer funds
  • 1to1 private message
  • Group Channel Chat, based on #tags
  • Reblogs (Resteemed) tabs
  • Quick search for users or tags
  • Quick-access button to Tip an author
  • Settings with List or Feed(Facebook style card) view
  • Settings with 9 languages (incomplete)
  • ... and more! check it now on https://busy.org

What's next ?

The past 3 months with the help of the testers, advisors, and many open debates about user experience helped us to define a proper strategy for the next release.

We set our goals for a decent release this summer.

Our priorities:

  • Bug fixing, Editor bugs will be fixed, and some mandatory and missing features will be implemented
  • New Branding, logo, elements, ready for marketing campaign
  • Landing page, explaining Busy & Steem, for users/developers/investors
  • New Design with new user interface, user experience (UI/UX rework) - wireframe in progress
  • Notification UI section, with filters
  • Signup-Login directly on Busy.org
  • New chat/messenger in Tabs mode (Facebook-like)
  • Explore section to discover content, authors, tags with several filters
  • Onboarding process for new users (help understand the platform, and build a feed by adding topics/tags in favourites and follow best authors)
  • Gamification, to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty (add illustrations, levels, badges, new user experience, etc.)
  • Integration for Community feature
  • Ready for marketplace of goods/services
  • New Content-types like Videos, Audios, Polls, integration

Who's behind Busy?

Founded by @fabien and @ekitcho in July 2016, Busy is now a strong team of several core members, developers, advisors, ambassadors, donors, contributors and so on.

Busy Core Team

@ekitcho: CEO
@fabien: CTO
@p0o: Developer
@nil1511: Developer

But it's also YOU !

As a decentralized and open source platform in the form of a non-profit organization, we are open to any contribution/suggestion from you. We would love to get the finest resources from this brilliant community to build the best platform ever that can change the world. Our goal is to be able to select and pay every contribution that brings value to Busy. Since the first day we’ve paid every contributor! We're enthusiastically looking for talented people who understand where Busy is going.

New Designer wanted

We're recruiting talented/experienced designers who want to contribute to our project. Branding/UI/UX experts, please contact christopher@busy.org or @ekitcho on Busy / Steemit.chat with your portfolio

How can you participate or support

All rewards from the @busy.org account and donations will be used to fund our projects


Bonus: current 'wireframe' work in progress (UI/UX Design rework)

We will provide more info on our next News

Steem(it) Roadmap about Login & Signing service

Special thanks to Steemit inc. and @ned for supporting us!

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These guys are truly putting in work! If I didn't know better this sounds like Alphabet, the Illuminati, Mossad and the World Bank conspiring to own and centralize all our online traffic and content.


Every time you see a dime, a nickel and four pennies think of me...


zappl? steepshot?


http://zappl.io/ is planning to bring a Twitter type of application to the Steemit blockchain

Steepshot is planning to do this for an Instagram type of application


future of decentralization : )


Or unilateral centralization...


All aboard! Buckle UP! Powered by Steem

giphy (4).gif


upvote + resteem because you are awesome.
I personally think that you enhance collaboration and interaction. The functionalities are comming little by little. And your interface is already translated!! You didn't mention the rewards claiming. When will you put it?

I think what is missing to get more tractions for 3rd party apps is integration with service like shapeshift, so that not just Steemians can interact with them.

Keep up, keep being busy!

Happy 3 months anniversary!

Loads have happened since then and more is to come. the infant is growing in strength!!! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Steem should hire a businessmen part of the team, asides from enhancing the features, the businessmen will add features to make it interesting to investors.

Glad to see this project is still underway and improving each day.
I like the new UI better, more adapted for a mainstream audience imo.
Looking forward to the release this summer.

Guys, this project is just fantastic. Busy will become a revolutionary tool to the decentralized world ...

Keep up the good work :)

Upvoted, Resteemed...

It's good to hear about you, Busy team.

I believe in your vision like in Steem, and I only stopped contributing because the lack of time (many changes in my life). I'll try to give you feedbacks again when my life will be more stable. ;)

I wish you the best!


Thank you for your contributions you've been a great help! You are always welcome :)

Good job @busy.org
The way you explain it is so easy to understand, now people know what is called busy.


thanks ! any question let us know


Yes, that's clear.
Good job @ekitcho And @busy.org

Have you considered issuing a token for busy? (using bitshares UIA)


Of course we did ;) still on the table and still debating different options we have.
I announced it in previous News and discussed it with our Busy board members /donors/advisors but we want to take time to consider everything properly before starting the process


make sense. I've got BitUSD burning a whole in my pocket to get my hand on those tokens.

Awesome to see people like you quietly working their asses off behind the scenes to make this whole experiment a success. The world needs what you're doing!

Props, upvoted, followed, and resteemed!

Will try Busy out on my shorter posts! :)

Congratulations @busy.org!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 4 with 527 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 1180,95

That wireframe looks really clean!
I then realized it's very similar to Facebook's UI and wasn't quite excited because it didn't seem very original. After a while however, it seemed to make perfect sense as a lot of people use Facebook and they wouldn't be intimidated by the UI when they first stumble upon Busy.org. This will minimize the learning curve and that's a great sign for mass-adoption.

Agrrr ! I totally forgot about busy.org and glad for your reminder. Time to check it out. I wish there would be an app for my phone.

Awesome work guys! Really awesome!

Will definitely be checking it out.

Up voted and now following. Checking out this " new to me information!"

Glad to see this project is still underway and improving!

Thanks for the update. I really like to use Busy.org! Keep it up :)

Well done. Ive used Busy.org but I still prefer the Web version. Busy.org doesnt show the reputation of the poster, Maybe you can add that feature :)

Oh cool, I got added to the donor list. :) Keep up the great work, team.

I am trying to donate but i get the message

close Error
Oops, something goes wrong!

Error code: 1 Assert Exception
Do you want to try again?

Busy eats Facebook. Happy days. Bravo!


I can't wait for busy to relegate Facebook to the stone age.

Nice :)

Glad to see this project is still underway and improving each day.

Great work. Please please consider the image-sharing capabilities for Busy and how photographers can use it. Steemit right now isn't great for displaying images, it's more for text in my opinion. If you can make Busy a better alternative for viewing images, I'm definitely there and I'm sure many others will be too.


Thanks! You can already check https://busy.org/hot/photography for example with your mobile phone, the featured image is embedded as a card (Facebook Cards style). We have some plans to improve navigation and user experience for photographer as well as other niche. Will let you know asap ;)
thank you for your support

This is my first time hearing about this project, it looks and sounds really nice , I'm glad this project help get people mire involved and informed, I told a lot of my friends about how cool is not just steemit but cryptocurrency is general , but they all make fun of me, they all think this is one more scam.
I visited the website and so far looks cleaner than steemit.com nice work keep it up!!!


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi


but I dont win without getting harm

WoW I have to say, this project seems to be very nice but at the same time very hard to realise! (At least for a IT ignorant guy like I am).
Very good luck and I wish you all the best and the luck you deserve at least to pay back the huge amount of hours you spent in it!
Best regards,

Well done @busy.org.

Sounds absolutely fantastic!
Those apps combined with some form of steem rewards would be unstoppable!

This is an excellent vision and and mission for many people in the world. I am sure this will help many people to connect each other from all part in this world.

I have just try it and good performance. I try to use it for several

I can participate with 1st and Last Bullet!!!

Sharing is Caring!!!!

I've been away from Steemit for too long. Delighted to see this article about Busy and as an artist and photographer I really warmed to the potential of displaying my images in the Photography section. Truly appreciate all the effort that has gone into the Beta stage, so that people like myself will be able to share our work in a good light. Will be joining.

i have just connect my steemit account to busy.org, but i found different cost in my wallet, can you explain how this happen, im new user of this blockchain, thanks @busy.org


On Busy wallet we are using the live exchange rate STEEM/USD from CoinMarketCap. On Steemit the exchange rate it's an average of the STEEM value on few days. That's why you are not seeing the same amount on both sites.


okey, thanks for your explanation @fabien, i get it now.

Woow, i feel the future. And the greatest thing is, that we belong to the earliest users of steem, while the rest are still on facebook or twitter.... Thumbs UP!

Thks for the updates guys. Upvoted and resteem

Very exiting!!!!!!👌👏

Will businesses be able to take full advantage also?

Steemit is a social news service which runs a blogging and social networking website on top of a novel blockchain database, known as Steem. I think we are in the next social media revolution.

steemit will prosper in the future. If you're looking to make money it's important to systematically and intelligently see money trends.

excellent article. thank you for the information!

I've been on Steemit since February, but I'm getting to know about Busy.org today. Thanks for sharing. Trying to register now, but it's delaying in connecting. I hope it's just an issue with my network connection.


You are already a Steem user you don't need to create a new account to use Busy. You can login in both Steemit and Busy with the same account but also many others apps like eSteem.ws or beta.chainbb.com.


nice post. thank you for posting :)

Finally a source that can't be tampered with.
e.g censorship.

I voted for you witness.
I wish for your success.

Try soon

wow , STEEM is getting worldwide traction , GO !!

amazing work!!
I like your post @busy.org!
Good luck!

this is so going to make facebook look like a donkeys ass wipe

That´s just a great feature to use. The platform is still in it´s early days but already great to use.

@busy.org - You might like to check on the Image attachment button on mobile. It´s getting displayed outside of the screen, so that you only see the edge of the circle button.

really the like the wireframe - a definite step in presentation, maturity and utility

Good luck guys, it sounds like you are going to contribute heaps to the community. Thanks for the hard work!

I'm in!

great post!

Looking forward :)

The world is not enough, time to take over the universe!

awesome great job. I cant wait to see the steam blockchain surpass facebook and other social media sites

Thanks for sharing
Reesteem & Upvote please
thank you

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Bonjour, comment passer du grade "Newbie" à un grade supérieur" ? Merci d'avance, j' adore busy !


Merci! Les grade dependent du nombre de Steem Power que tu as sur ton compte regarde:



Merci pour ta réponse ! Mais il est écrit que 458 Steem est égal à 50 $. Pourtant j'ai plus de 50 $ de SP et je suis newbie. Sinon juste une question : Une version mobile de Busy est elle prévue ? J'ai envie de n'utiliser que busy.
Bonne journée!

busy org nice work

Waawwww amazing!! great job. I like your post. Thank's for the sharing. I will up vote and follow you brother :) @busy.org