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Burn post for January 16.

All rewards received by @burnpost are eventually burned. More info.

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why not cap the amount and put 100's of comments to vote on. or has this been addressed already?

One post a week.

Comments vs posts make no difference; they both can trend and generally comments look uglier when they do trend (though this is subjective I guess). More posts+comments might help, but it is a tradeoff (assuming votes are spread out which isn't even a certainty) between higher trading vs. filling up pages and pages of lower trending.

can comments be capped?

With custom code, yes. Through the standard UI, no.

It also remains to be seen if capping is even effective. In the case of @sbdpotato, the last post was capped at $25 but still got $57 worth of votes. It is the votes that determine trending, not the payout. Maybe in time people will learn to stop wasting their votes, but who knows.

Congratulations @burnpost!
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