Steem experiment: Burn post #139

in steem •  6 months ago

Burn post for June 3. Rules and update

To provide additional support, vote for the comment below. Another method is to vote for the proof-of-burn comment added after 7 days

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Hey @burnpost Your post is So Good


gentle did strike again.


Truly it is.

No "comment below" to vote on!


Thank you. Fixed.

Proof of burn

Author rewards:
23.887 SBD, 1.524 STEEM and 12.025 STEEM POWER for burnpost/re-burnpost-steem-experiment-burn-post-139-20180604t031811000z
0.450 SBD, 0.029 STEEM and 0.228 STEEM POWER for burnpost/re-burnpost-steem-experiment-burn-post-132-20180604t031623100z
81.562 SBD, 4.851 STEEM and 40.424 STEEM POWER for burnpost/steem-experiment-burn-post-139

Sold 105.899 SBD for 78.285 STEEM on internal market

Power up of 79.838 STEEM since SBD > $1 (+1.553 STEEM reward)

Keeep burning and have a nice day.


nice man you did a great jobe


Keeep burning It well done


yess this is great


Keep it burning indeed.

wow thank you


Best of luck every body..


thank you for this...

keep doing it baby

Burn that steem (:

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Keep burning this is great.

Burn that steem (:

the everything hahah


You are most welcome

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What an interesting crypto burn experiment.

Thank you Sir.

Burn it all!

I support you to burn the post