Steem experiment: Burn post #169

in steem •  5 months ago

Burn post for July 3. Rules and update NEW

To provide additional support, vote for the comment below. Another method is to vote for the proof-of-burn comment added after 7 days

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Proof of burn

Author rewards:
38.340 SBD, 25.729 STEEM and 50.453 STEEM POWER for burnpost/re-burnpost-5spncj-steem-experiment-burn-post-169-20180703t125250100z
51.083 SBD, 34.282 STEEM and 67.223 STEEM POWER for burnpost/5spncj-steem-experiment-burn-post-169

Sold 89.423 SBD for 75.335 STEEM on internal market

Power up of 135.346 STEEM since SBD > $1 (+60.011 reward)

Not so easy to understand what is really happening. But I voted "like".

Amazing Post . Very Great for steemit User