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A common misunderstanding new minnows have is to think this platform is just about producing good content. It is ALSO about building a social network so you need to make friends and connections where mutual support for your content can be fostered.

It is possible to be successful here by having a strong social network but with weak content. That is not neccessarily gaming the system (though more often than not it is). I personally try and work within the spirit of the intended design while being aware of the gaming aspect so I make sure I am not disadvantaged by those who are gaming it. It is a pragmatic approach that is kind of working OK. I'm still here after all :)

The best advice I could give you is to find or forge a community based on your interests and build some mutually supportive relationships. I am heavily involved in a couple of communities and it's where a lot of my support comes from. Going it alone here is very, VERY hard.

PS - I am not sure what the future for STEEM is. I don't think it will ever be a casino, but it might fail if it does not evolve. That is why I focus on authoring and community building - because they provide me with value now and that value can also potentially transcend this particular system and move on to the next one if it ever comes to it.


@buggedout - thank you for taking the time to make a thoughtful reply, appreciated. Will take your advice and try to join some communities with common interests and goals. Cheers!

Yes, the platform is flawed, which can be expected for such a new and incredible venture, however, I like your diplomatic wording..."potentially transcend and ...move on." Hope it does not come to that but it may. Hope we begin to see a more responsive team at the top. Blessings.

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