@berniesanders could you please explain why did you flag my testing posts?

in steem •  2 years ago

@berniesanders  could you please explain why did you flag my testing posts?  i am an accountable witness and active community member. Just do not understand why did you flag my testing posts.....


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Bernie Sanders, the Steemit user, not the US should've been president. Is a fascist.

Because you're following all of my posts with your damn voting bot, even on comments. Turn it off and I'll remove the votes. It's obnoxious.

Edit: Removed, now turn your bot off of my posts/comments.


ok. thanks. I have removed you from my following list ... I prefer having proxy account like bitshares...


Then follow my votes, not my posts. Sorry, wasn't able to find you in chat. Glad we worked it out.


going to remove him from my bot, too... LOL


You're awesome... Didn't catch this response until after I commented on this. =P

Hope your problem goes away :)

wow funny picture @bue

you should just ignore the down posts. some people are only here to troll people and mass downvote new members. its fucked up but better to just move on and leave them in their misery. they will get board and move on to the next noob soon. I know its till shity tho. best to just laff about how sad their life must be if they have to resort to downflagging people they don't know for fun. 8D

i'm with you @bue i feel there was no reason of flagging you. i don't understand why he did it :D
i'll follow you to support you

Who is this guy, he gave me most of my account value by liking one comment about being homeless in the winter with my dog?

Hey. I like your post.
Please, check my last story, I hope you would like it! :)

-3 rep oh noes, it might not mean much, but i upvoted all your posts, good luck with this

I just want to mengambapkan thank you have vote saya.saya want to meluap my hoby in steemit for dikaetahui by the world community, because you menvote your post then I was brought to your post in, and you have appreciated my post, I do not mita, how .. ..but you give me votr I am very satisfied...@fahrullah

Maybe you should post some actual content.... something worthwhile...


well this IS worthwhile, dummy... this community is as much about cooperation and fellowship as it isa bout making money for liking each other and growing our passions... if he gets downvoted for a test, the dude that did it is clearly mistaken...

I published my 9th post at the intoducemyself for the offgrid circuit I called JOULESTEEM, just passing by as it may interest you. Thanks.

gracias por tu ayuda en mi blog amigo, no se que seran, los puestos de prueva realmente, pero... suerte con eso :)


wait my friends @bue know you are good people and always share and surely you will be the best of the best ... success always for you and my greetings for you @bue.

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You have an awesome work done
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You can watch youtube videos for the solution....Jerry Benfield is great in this field....Hope you will get the solution...Merry Christmas...Upvote done

Just a litle upvote and comment to try and help your rep dude! Thanks for upping one of mine, if you hadn't I wouldn't have found this one. <3


HAHAHA!!! Sorry dude I didn't see this was from last year and your rep is now 43!!! Well its the thought that counts I guess LOL!!

hey looks like a cat, love it

Sorry for your situation bro, Hope my up vote help a little

thanks so much for your upvote on my skateboard art contest post....much appreciated

*But you deserve a millions upvotes. you supported/upvoted me for which i am very thankful to you, so i gonna upvote you as well and i will always support my dear friend.

Very good