Let's talk some Crypto! This Crash Sux.

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Don't panic sell your tokens, this is the time for collection. When the bottom is finally found, the reversal may be swift and steep.

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The fundamentals have only changed for the better in the crypto space. I am buying more whenever I can! We are still in the early innings my friends....Buy when blood is in the street, not when the euphoria is high.

Packing up my bags with Steem and praying this dream comes to fruition one way or another. Ill go down with this ship, they don't get built any better!

Don't tell me how to live! I will keep panic! :D

I am happy for the encouragement, you mentioned a point that some still find challenging, that is the survival of the Steem blockchain without Steemit.

What convinces?

I love your thumbnail really, it just really showcases your dramatic video

Yes you are right friend. I want to do this but wooou isn't easy.

I am really glad to see you being encouraging the community to not sell while we are in such a bear market. I try to think of this time as a very special "Holiday Sale" and it has enabled us to not panic that the steem is so low right now.

All time highs we were screaming ‘man i wish i could have bought steem cheap’

now is our chance. I won’t miss it :)

great video man. calming words for a lot of people.

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It's funny how people say "I wish the coin would drop to $xx cause then I'll go all in" but once that happens, crickets...

Dont give up!😀 What can I say.. Long term my friend😀 Have a nice day!

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Hurry sell its all going to zero!!!! Take your 98 percent losses, its better than losing 100 percent!! ;) HAHAHA

Don't panic sell your tokens, this is the time for collection. When the bottom is finally found, the reversal may be swift and steep.

Such wise words, @broncnutz !

enjoy the ride

Hi there,
I've just upvoted this post
A small contribution from me, to help the steem community to thrive ;)

Right like my grandfather said @r2cornell, you said don't panic this is good information and the right thing to invest now.
I have subscribed to your youtube, hopefully you will be more successful.
I will follow and review this post thank you @broncnutz

The trend is definitely down... the chance of it falling is far greater than it going back up based on Charts and Technical Analysis.

It will recover eventually, just as long as the miners can continue to perform transactions.. if all the miners left..... then the ledger is kaput

Yeah. Feel you bruh. This time i only join on trading contest. So that even I can't gain on my btc still I can gain on my IOG. I mean, Doing trades on IOG trading pairs can give us free BTC and more IOG. I can't explain well but check this out https://www.kucoin.com/#/rank/IOG

when when when steem 1+ :D

Bastante tranquilizante tu video Bro. Pero hay que estar alerta ante una caída drástica..


I hope steem come back to normal

Reassuring piece, very interesting hearing your take. Having been buying alt coins for the past several weeks. Some coins that I hold and have been adding to include zcash, litecoin, dash, stratius, ethereum, neo, btc, and of course steem. Purchased 931 steem 8 days ago and will purchase more if price continues to drop.
I refuse to be be pushed out by the big boys as they drive the price lower in an effort to get the little retail buyers out of the game. Bloomburg Crypto Trading Terminals have been added to the floor.

There is no way in hell that these guys have gone through the expenses of getting this platform set up, if cryptos are dead. What they are doing is getting set up for the next bull run.
Hodl and buy, or fold and die.

Thanks for your continued support '

Always appreciated! always humbled.

Not at all panic'd here, haha. Buying them all up right now. Oh wow you got in BTC @ $30 (I had the same opportunity and didn't take it). Then I could have bought 1000's of lite coin at .03/each. Didnt take that. I am not missing this one.

I am new to the platform and I'm really just beginning to understand the crypto world, but from what I see right now we are in a bad moment, but I think positive and I know that everything will improve.

Greetings from Venezuela.

you are right my pop star friend @broncnutz, i am with you. i am also looking for this opportunity. you have posted a lot of fun in pic, HAHAHAHA

.Good advice. It will be foolish to sell our tokens now.

Most panic of crypto because steem price is very low . I am sad for cerypto .

That is the best time to buy and espicaly to power up

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I guess you are right. What's the point of selling now and getting so little. I'd rather loose everything then hit my head later knowing I have sold (too) cheap.

If we get extremely undervalued, we could be in for a long bear market. Markets that have such market failure normally takes years to recover.

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Not selling infact looking to grab more this time worse time come to make you stronger Hold on

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