Just Auditioned for the Next 'Netflix' Extravaganza!

in #steem4 years ago

The recurring role is for Syd, a tow truck driver. There are two (2) scenes to prepare. Once you read these notes, you will know as much as I know about the role.

See if you can build out what Syd's ongoing role MAY be as the story unfolds?




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Dude! We need more actors on Steemit!

That would be really cool

Good luck, Brian! Thanks for sharing your experience.

Good luck, I guess you are established enough. My question is are you mentoring and helping someone into the difficult world you are part of?

I liked Colin Farrell in "The Lobster"

Completely agree ! Fckng good movie ! @clumsysilverdad

Thank you for participating in this publication full of interest. Good luck sir .


I wonder if I can find any opportunities like this!!!

Nice insight which opens the appetite for the movie.
Is just like picking through the door key and wanting more :) @cryptorg

Great, best of luck for your audition.


All the very best!

Being a movie director a good thing where you would be opened to different kinds of people with different diversity of ideas.
You have to always do research on how to improve on how people reason by the way you portray your movies.

Netflix does not allow VPN Anymore :(

Looking forward to watch the series!

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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Good post good video thanks :)

I'm looking forward to seeing this series. I' hope you'll be in it )

Good luck Brian! I was told I'm an actor from birth, But it's just not for me, even tho i would've love trying it out.

a new information for me @brian-rhodes
Thank you for sharing
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Thanks for sharing your great experience

Brian, I'd tell ya to be careful about posting the sides or script. The production companies are pretty finicky about this sort of thing. At any rate--much success and congrats on the audition! I hope you get it. I auditioned for this as well ("Diego"). I didn't book it, but one of my buddies did--David Castaneda. Much success and love for you sir.

Brian! How exciting. Been offline for a long time and trying to catch up on posts, to see this cool venture for you I hope - and also the potential to be had in a Netflix comic adaptation! Fingers crossed for you

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Hi Brian! Best of luck with your audition. I really hope you get it. It would be really cool to see you in The Umbrella Academy! I was a big fan of Gerard Way back when he rocked out with My Chemical Romance and wrote the comic books, and hopefully Netflix will make it a good series.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this process with us! It's very cool to see how this is from the point of view of a real actor ;)

You're welcome. I am a little concerned about the hanging upside down part so we'll have to see/ I expect I'll know next week.

thanks for the information,you are the best

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Fab post! Looking forward to seeing the series if only to find out why your character (how could they not cast you?) spends so much time hanging upside down...

Thank you. It will be interesting when I find out about the demands of hanging upside down for sure!

Good luck! I Wish you all the best!

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