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When you believe in something, you can say no to fear and walk in freedom of mind and heart! Once I joined Steemit, I made a decision not to look back. When I got started, I remember Steem trading at around 15 cents and had a market cap of less than less than 35 million dollars.

So, when you look at a 6 month chart, you will discover that we are still way higher and that's an important aspect to consider. Sometimes, if we're not careful, we can look at everything with a magnifying glass and find flaws that are not really worth our time worrying about.

If you watch my video blogs, you will find that I strongly believe in the fundamentals of this system or I wouldn't be blogging and involving myself in the process.

We are witnessing some dips in Steem price because, in my opinion, it's all part of a market correction within the entire cryptocurrency market and some due to the upcoing SEGWIT . Steem is not being isolated here and if it were, that might be a cause for concern. Thankfully, that is clearly not the case in this situation.

I think we need to breathe and ignore all of the rhetoric and look at why we got involved with Steem and not lose sight of that original vision. Compared to last year, virtually all cryptos are performing far better than they were even just a few months ago... That's remarkable when you stop and think about it.

Steem has, from my perspective, only just begun to show the world what its blockchain can do! The Steemit platform is one component of a much greater blockchain technology that is improving and growing as the days go by! I will keep on keeping on and I will, by all means, keep on Steeming on, too!

The views expressed on this video blog are not to be interpreted as investment advice. Do your own due diligence and seek the advice of a financial adviser before making investment decisions.

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Great video as aways my friend!



Thank you! I really appreciate your support, my good friend!
Steem on! @rtdcs 😎

Indeed every coin is falling because of bitcoin. Sadly the rise and fall seems to hinge on the oldest and slowest dinosaur in the room.


Thanks for your candidness on this issue because you made an excellent point! We'll see what happens! Should be an interesting ride! @natevegas

Oh boy... @breakingtonight,
we need more people like you on this channel.
Damn cryptoz.



Thanks my friend! 😎 I just followed you! Thanks for the good word of encouragement! @qed

Yeah, the whole crypto market is suffering. But about an hour ago, I used some Bitcoin to buy some Steem Power. Guess that means I better use some fiat to buy Bitcoin. 😁


Hey I think that's great that could stack up some for yourself and power it up! Have a good day, my friend! :)) @preparedwombat

Am in this game for long term. Hold hold hold that's my game plan


I think you're on the right track, from my point of view! Good luck, @ugwucollins

Very nice post and information i like your blog thank for sharing


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on it! Have a great weekend, @nomi2233 :))

Good point, @breakingtonight! Have a great week-end!


Thank you a whole bunch, my friend! :)) Have an awesome day! @alinabarbu

Well crypto currencies are still adjusting. This is where fortunes are made. Once it stabilizes the opportunity won't be as extreme.


Amazing! You echo my sentiments on that very important point! Such potential out there! @dreamingirwin

Thank you, good post!
I agree with you and
I believe in the future of Steemit!


You're welcome and I'm glad to hear that you like my post! Believing for a great future, too! :)

Great post :) I will follow you :)


Thank you for appreciating my content, @rafaello
Following you, too! :)

Since it's not just Steem that has dropped it almost all coins. I think Steem will recover, this is a perfect time for us to acquire more Steem and then power up!! The future is positive!