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RE: STEEM 2020; What I am going to do!

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Nice post! These are things that we have been dealing with for a long time. I understand now why I haven't gotten a curie in forever, I just figured it was because my account was too big but I see it is because you don't want to show favoritism :) I left a pretty good comment on Goblins last post. I hate how steemplus only allows you to favorite ten people. I'd be super happy if that cap were closer to 15 or 20.


The things I look for for a @curie are not the same as everyone else's. I can't discuss it any more as it wouldn't be prudent on a public post.

@goblinknackers like comments much like everyone else! He was a little miffed at the lack of response. HF21 has not helped much when it comes to comments but he's quite generous in that area.

I think you share a common interest in whiskey? He's very much into that.

I was kidding about Curie. Like I said, I think my account is too big anymore for that. As a matter of fact, that was the main subject of my comment!

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