Love Is All You Need

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We have everything we need because all we need is love,
and everyone has an unlimited supply of that. Not
everyone may feel love, but it is always there and
available to give to others.
The way we experience the unlimited supply of love
is by giving it away. That is counter-intuitive, which is
why it may seem like there isn't enough love. When we
believe we need to get love from outside ourselves, that
sense of lack stops the love flowing from inside us to
others. Believing that you need love becomes a selffulfilling
prophesy: You believe you need love because
you aren't experiencing it, and in trying to get it, you fail
to give it, so you don't experience it. You can't really do
two things at once:

The feelings of romantic love are created by an
illusion (i.e., psychological projection) and by the release
of certain chemicals in the brain. Romantic feelings are a
very different kind of love than true love; they are a
falling in love with what we hope will be our salvation
and happiness forever. That kind of love never lasts and
often disappears upon getting to know someone better.
If we are lucky, it turns into something truer, more real,
more akin to our true nature.

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#Secretive Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Metastable Examined#

“There’s a Handful of, Say Between Five and 10 of These… [Cryptocurrencies]… That Could Be Trillion-Dollar Blockchains” – Joshua Seims, Metastable Co-founder."

Metastable Capital is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that has attracted investment from many top venture capital firms despite largely shunning publicity since its inception in 2014. Metastable was co-founded by Angellist CEO, Naval Ravikant, cryptography expert, Lucas Ryan, and former angel investor, Joshua Seims.

Fortune has reported that Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Union Square Venture, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Founders Fund are among Metastable’s major investors – all of whom participated in Polychain Capital’s fundraiser earlier this year.


Metastable takes a long term perspective when assessing the markets, aiming to invest in projects that it expects will be profitable over the course of at least a decade. “There’s a handful of, say between five and 10 of these major use cases that could be trillion-dollar blockchains,” Seims told Fortune. “It’s all very long-term focused, and we think we’re in super early days right now. It really comes down to which do we think is the strong enough technology, that we think can win.”

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The First Exchange to Announce the Platform Will Not Support Bitcoin Cash.
Over the past few weeks, has kept our readers informed of the possibility of an upcoming hard fork at the end of the month. It seems that the user-activated hard fork that was initially supposed to just be a contingency plan against the user-activated soft fork (UASF) still might happen. This means Bitcoin Cash supporters will try to veer off from the main chain and operate on their own terms of consensus. Over the past few weeks, many bitcoin trading platforms have revealed their plans to deal with this particular hard fork as some of them will list the BCC token. However, there are a bunch of other well-known exchanges that will not support the BCC branch.@yash0108