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RE: dMania Bot v3 - Curation by dMania supporters

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I really like the new system! It makes the abuse with upvote bots much harder and less effective. This is a great step forward to good quality content upvoted by the dmania bot.

I have a few questions: I am not really active at dmania at the moment. But when I upvote memes, I upvote them with maybe 10% in the "new-section". Does my dmania-supporter-delegation get calculated to the post then? It is not really clear to me.

Few examples:

If I just upvote my own posts with 100% and nobody else will my "dmania-supporter-delegation-SP" be ignored? Does that count as abuse?

If I upvote my own posts with 100% and posts from other people with just 10% or lower, will my "dmania-supporter-delegation-SP" be ignored? Does that count as abuse?

Or do I have to upvote every post with 50% or more from now on?


You have to upvote other posts with >=50%. Otherwise your votes won't matter for the selection.
If you upvote your posts a lot and other users rarely, you will be excluded from the selection. Again the voting strength has to be >=50% for everything to be considered by the bot. If you upvote your posts with 100% and others with 10% it will look to the bot like you only upvote your own posts.

that is something that maybe needs a rework. I am an active SteemIt-User and we all just have 1000% Vote a day. I upvote my own posts with 100% so there are 800% left a day. And I have to split these 800% among all my followers and good content creators. I can not just upvote every meme with 50% or above. That will drain my Votepower pretty hard.

And I am sure that whales wont do that either. Imo this system needs a rework.Maybe something like 25% or above when 25% > 0,02$ upvote

You are probably an exception. Most users don't vote over 50 or 100 times a day. Probably like 10-20 times. So 50% is good for now. Most users can't control their voting strength anyway.

I know it isn't completely accurate but it makes the calculations a lot easier. Otherwise things will get a lot more complicated. I will probably consider the voting strength later on . For now you will have to upvote some posts with >= 50% if you want to control the upvotes of the bot. That's 20 upvotes a day and I think that's quite a lot.

It would be quite a lot if dmania would have its own blockchain or something like that, but at the moment I have to be active at steemit too and every vote on one platform reduces the potential upvotes on the other.

Upvoting my 2 posts a day and 16 dmania posts means I can not upvote anything else at steemit which is not cool.

The actual version is far better than the old one but it has to be changed in the future in my opinion so you will have to go the harder and more complicated way in the long run

@zombee I have the same problem, as I upvote pretty much any good comment on my posts as you can check out on my dmania posts and the other ones that I make. I strongly believe in upvoting good content and good comments and I think this is the purpose of steem's platforms. And also to raise quality. I will try to balance everything out with voting 50%+ on good content from dmania, I hope everyone else does that. This way, the platform will improve quality wise.

@equ1libr1um, @fcusedguy and All sorry i bother you, i want to join with you. Regards @launglilawangsa dMania

How much SP do you recommend to delegate to dmania so my votes can be taken into account?

Do you use discord?

The more SP you delegate, the more value your vote will have. It's direct proportional to your delegated SP.
Yeah we have a discord channel. The link is in the post.

The memes whe upvote need to be from the new section, or we can choose any meme from trending or hot section?

I vote plenty of times a day as well since i'm part of many groups so i feel ya haha :P

My VP hasn't touched 80% for a long time..

@howtostartablog, sorry i bother you, i want to join with you. Regards @launglilawangsa

I do comedy on the steem blockchain and it's hard to get curation......I like your mindset very much...and is there a limit for posting on Dmania? I read that, with the other bot, you couldn't post a lot is it with this bot?

please keep coming to the platform to avoid abuses...don't let everything in automatic pilot...I plan to delegate back to dmania a big portion of my earnings from dmania but I have not a lot of vp right now.....I have a bit delegated to dmania anyway

Yeah. I also loved them...

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