Most of the team met through the development of BitShares. Ned was helping with marketing and promotion of Graphene on a part time basis when he came to visit us in Blacksburg in Jan 2016. We had just come up with the basic idea behind Steem and pitched it to him.

Here is a a photo after a long day discussing the vision for Steem back before it was called Steem.

photo of team

Left to Right: Valentine, Stan, Ned, Michael, Dan, Jenn, Ben.

What's the location (restaurant)?

this is the historical moment as well as a historical reply. thank you guys for bring us all this. thought the replies here would be a lot more. maybe this is a 'problem' steemit needs to address in the future - everyone is living at the moment or at most within one month, paying barely any attention to some important past.

Maybe you should copy the pic into the main post, better thumbnail gets more views! But then again that may look too repetitive, so never mind! Nice post!

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