So What the Hell Do We Do? Is there anybody out there?

in #steemlast year

So apparently Steem/steemit whatever the hell you wanna say is going to shit, right? Do we try to power down and get the fuck out? But is there going to be any value at all by the time you can cash? Steemauto is going to be taken down, right? So there goes all my auto votes, which means I probably won't get shit. The more I talk it out, the more it sounds like I might just need to try and get the fuck out and save what I can. Anyone still here read this? Any thoughts at all?


if the hf worked power down should be 4 weeks now, so start it and see what will happen.

Well, I clicked power down a couple hours ago and it still said 13 weeks. Figured I'd wait til it said 4 then try to Gtfo asap. Of course I might be too late anyways and not get shit out of it depending on the price

i heard that they did not change the number that shows weeks, check how much steem are you getting in the first week. i am waiting for powerdown today so i will check later

ahh ok gotcha. Let me know what you find out

actually just started the power down - I'll get a fourth of it in 7 days, so you're right. Unless you had to start it after the fork, so might want to double check it