Putting My 💵 where my 👄 is. Just Dumped 8 ETH into STEEM 😉 + 2 BTC

in #steem3 years ago

With the price of Steem on a dip I decided it wasn't a bad time to move some of my ETH into STEEM, this after I decided to also exchange 2 BTC for STEEM as well. I also decided not to just let it sit on the Buy Orders until someone came down to me price but rather I bought up into the Sell orders 😉. Always love doing this and seeing a big green block on the price feed, not sure how long it will last but hopefully it pushes it in the right direction.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 7.21.19 PM.png

Just thought I'd share.

Buy Buy Buy

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Just bought 8 Ethereum! Going to buy some steem too this week, great time to buy. I poured all my BTC into Litecoin last week and LTC has been holding! So no picking up more steem and ethereum during the dip! Good time is right.


I agree, I'll wait till the storm passes

Good Timing. I thought Eth would recover more but it hasn't so I figured with Steem at its undervalued price I'd slap on some more STEEM POWER, never a bad idea. I didn't dump everything I have because I think you should always diversify but still I can't help wanting to just go long with STEEM.

Just bought some more couple hours ago, lets go :)

I dumped 16 ETH on Steem last night when it was $1.03. Thanks for the idea! @blueorgy

Almost perfect timing there! I didn't go quite as low but its wasn't too far off. I was possibly thinking to wait until under $1 but I was fine with just getting back in against my ETH around $1.16. Long term STEEM will be looking at $10 anyway ;)

Thank you! I What are your thoughts in powering up? Do you have to wait 2 years to cash out the Steam Power?

nice post, thank for sharing, good luck for you.

Thank You. I don't need luck 😉

Hello @blueorgy, your action here is encouraging, pulling your ETH to STEEM is a hope builder, throwing a huge strong signal about bright steem future and faith already built on STEEM by us.

Nice green candle you made there :)

ohh you like that huh


Haha - nice to see you can affect the market like that ;)
I'm sure that Steem will go a long way in helping the Steemit community!!!
Thanks for supporting us all @blueorgy!! You rock :)