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RE: How Many Active Users Are Really On Steemit?

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excellent stuff. got my vote and following. I dropped a comment on another post you had about wave voicing my concerns over steem's current format. The inability to IM and generally wonky platform needs a few things to spruce it up if you know what I mean.


Thanks! Didn't see the other note in the notifications. Have a link?

"It makes me feel better....I like this steem deal because I have interest in crypto, but in it's current form I'm not sure about the mass appeal. A buddy of mine pointed out another crypto play...bitbay. Steem:FAcebook as Bitbay:Ebay. So where I'm going is, I like the tangible/purpose driven plays. Off to work I go I Owe I Owe I Owe." I sent this to @steemsilvergold ten days ago. Sorry, my fact checker is on vacation.

This was in relation to metal backed crypto plays. sorry for the confusion

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