HELP! How can non-US citizen EXCHANGE Bitcoins for USD - Coinbase unable!!

in steem •  11 months ago


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Hello everyone, I have just transferred the Steem dollars I had in my wallet and used to exchange them for bitcoin. When I wanted to sell the bitcoin to purchase USD, I get this message!

"Buys/Sells Not Supported. Coinbase does not currently support buys in your country. Subscribe to our blog to be notified when we add support for your country!"

I wanted to transfer the USD to my account in the USA but Coinbase is asking for an official photo I.D. before the transaction can be processed. I guess they do that to see if I'm a US citizen... I'm not, but I DO have a Bank account in the U.S.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what should I do?

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Sorry that I cant help, perhaps reading an informative article in one of the Steemit sections may help.


Thanks, that's what I'm doing now. It's not a common problem, so.... we shall see.