Welcome to Steem: First Decentralized Social Network

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Powering Communities and Opportunities: Steem

The Steem blockchain is a social media  based blockchain and worthy of note, the first of its kind that is dedicated to running on what is called a Proof-of-Brain algorithm that rewards content creators for their hardwork and for sharing content.

Steem is currently the only Blockchain that can power social media applications like Steemit.com

Reallocating Value

While shareholders of social media platforms hitherto made billions of dollars and the users of these platforms themselves made nothing, Steem intelligently reallocates value and ensures that users also get to benefit financially from the content they share.

Steem and Its Benefits to Various StakeHolders

For Developers

Find opensource and tools to start building

For Entreprenuers

Build apps, grow content.

For Users

Get paid for your content.

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