My Steemit Presentation In London

in steem •  7 months ago

On Sunday evening I conducted a Crypto and Steem presentation at 'The Muse Gallery' on Portobello Road in London. This was mainly aimed at artists who wish to explore bitcoin and blockchain platforms to monetize their work.

I was not sure if there would be many people, as there had not been a huge amount of promotion, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that we filled all the seats!

This was my first presentation and I was not completely prepared but I managed to stumble through and covered all the main elements of steemit and other steem applications.

I started with a quick overview of bitcoin and moved on to explain how steem functions and the main differences between the two. I covered all the different applications from Dtube, Dlive and Dsound to Steepshot, Busy and Utopian as well as our beloved Steemit.


I learned a great deal by throwing myself into this and hope to improve the next time I speak about the wonderful world of steem.

Our amazing host at the muse provided technical assistance and drinks, he was a great help in making a success of the evening.

Overall most people seemed to be receptive and genuinely interested and there was a productive Q & A after the talk.

One lady said, in regards to cryptocurrency, "It finally makes some sense"

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 20.09.36.png


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Nice work you are doing there. would have really loved to see a video))


bro i need to upvote you to 60 rep


Yo man thank you, seen how busy you are, we should talk when you are free.


Yo man thank you, seen
How busy you are, we should
Talk when you are free.

                 - xpency

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great, I'm glad to see you taking this angle towards Steem promotion. Do you have a video of the presentation?


Thanks, as this was my first presentation I am pleased that nobody filmed it lol, hopefully next time!!


Hahahaha, alright buddy. You got the message across, and that's all we need to know. More strength

Great idea! I would love to attend something like that in my area, or wonder if you would hold live broadcasts?


Thanks, maybe I will stream on Dlive next time!

اؤے یہ کیا لکھا ہے

Very interesting info friend thanks for sharing greetings

Very good to see this man!!! @bleepcoin

good to hear your pushing the steem ;)


It keeps me off the street ;)


haha. good!:P

Wow, this is great of you bro.

definitely coming to the next one!

This is great, weldon boss @bleepcoin

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