Touch Typing is An Unrated Skill

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Typing is essential in every day life whether it is for work or for leisure. It is a completely overlooked skill. I am not the best typist but I am certain not the worst either but now I have decided during this quiet time in work that I will learn properly and banish any bad habits that I picked up along the way.
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One habit I have is that I use my right hand for the 't' and don't utilize my left hand enough. When it comes to numeric digits and punctuation my touch typing goes put the window. I started using a free touch typing website called (keybr)[]. It starts you off with a few letters and you built up speed. You can then add more letters to your practice sessions. I found after just 15 minutes my typing speed was hitting 60 words per minute which is not bad. As soon as I add another letter to practice , my speed plummets until I get used to the key location. After some practice the keys is then impulse and it amazing the level of improvement in my speed. I recommend it to everyone to do a half an hour touch typing per day. The improvement is immediate and it is a skill you will have with you for the rest of your life. It is difficult at first but after some practice you will wonder why you never did it before. I am having a go at the moment and it is twice as smooth as yesterday.
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The website shows your progress and number of errors. Errors always decrease with more practice. As the exercises increased I added more keys and the errors went up slightly but it is only for a little while. I will keep going at this until I am busy again and see where I end up.The best part of this is that these websites are free so they are open to anyone. What are your most common keyboard errors. The one finger scorpion typing used to be me but hopefully I will not fall back into this habit.