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As everyone knows the time to buy anything whether it's stocks, bonds, gold or crypto is as the old saying goes "when there's blood in the streets" and I feel that now is the time for new investors to take a position in Steem.

And here's why.

Steems price has plummeted about roughly 50% in the last 30 days to about 1.25 USD. Now while that's scary for people holding it's great for new comers looking to get in. The fundamentals are still sound imo and as it's still new there's plenty of opportunity for new creators.

I've always tried to do this since first getting involved in the markets. ECA during the oil crash, my home during the housing bubble, and hopefully with steem now.

In short as a investor I'm gonna buy and hold.

As a creator I'm trying to get followers and collaborators to help IMG_0630.PNGcreate a buzz.

Good luck and have Fun.

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I agree and 29 Years as a Stock Broker I saw a lot of Blood in the Streets

Congrats on lasting that long.

I'm doing this as a 8 week experiment on the side but finance is one of my main hobbies.

Hope to be working in that field after I get my degree.

Buy and hold is the best option going. Times like these when the market is in the red be the perfect time to double down on a lot of cheap coins. It always tend to balance itself back out in due time you just have to play the wait game.
Finding active members who willing to support you as an author is key.

resteemed. Great coin, Steem. It's a smash hit and it's on sale. I bought quite a bit recently. I also wrote an article on PPT. Can you check it out and give me your opinion?