Should Steem allow ads?

in steem •  2 years ago

I think it would be beneficial for all of us if steem allowed advertisers to display ads and to then redistributed the ad revenue back to its users?

If we allowed ads at a rate of about 1 ad for every 10 OC posts but DID NOT allow the advertisers to collect Steem then that would be a game changer for all of us.

Is this a good idea if not why? FB makes billions off ads imagine if we got a part of that revenue and shared it amongst active users.

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I think this can be beneficial. There's only so much money available in the reward pool. At some point, we might have to turn here to generate additional revenue in order incentivize newer users.

Well, it's inevitable...
As much as we dislike ads, Steemit is in it's infancy (the Beta stage).
Once advertising is integrated, it will be good for us all. - Seeing how it will substantially raise the value of the entire platform, benefiting the entire community. It's already in the works.

Might be a crazy idea, but what about an ad policy? Like users are allowed to post 1 ad per day, and must post non-ad content as well. Then companies can openly approach users to get them to post ads.

We get to curate which ads go up and there's an official stance on advertising rules.


So what your saying is we completely deregulate ads as opposed to my stance of actively managing them at a administrative level. Good point


Precisely :D Seems like a good way to see corporate influence on humans running a decentralized platform. I have a love for psychology, and seeing how that would actually play out seems like a fantastic experiment. If it goes bad, can always adjust the rules.

Ad will only benefit a few people and I don't think ad is prohibited in steemit I see a lot o post with ad. With fewer upvote

Yes and No I hate adds popping up all the time, but if it is for the better for Steemit bring it on !

I agree that it's both inevitable and will boost our profits. I think I'll write a few posts about this.