Steem Blockchain Development Visualization [Gource] March 22, 2016 - July 13, 2018 (Music Produced by @heaterville)

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Gource has been a great tool to get a visual on the development of the Steem blockchain. A lot has been done over the past 2 years and this doesn't include all the Dapps such as @dtube.

▶️ DTube

it almost seems as if everything is moving to the beat! Dope demonstration right here!

Yeah brother. You picked a perfect beat!!! Thanks man.

Yo this visual was fire!!!!! Especially around the times of the pumps pretty interesting how that thing started jumpin oh and how can I forget that beat was flamez!!!!!

Thanks homie!!! Yeah you know, I didn't look at those times of jumps to relate to price jumps but interesting wat to look at it.

Yeah @heaterville picked a nice track to go with this.

Time to continue to build :)

Very interesting video and to the rhythm of a great music. Congratulations to the team.
Congratulations @bitcoinparadise and @heaterville
Good energy for you and a million successes.
Good vibes.

Thank you @angelica7! Kareoke Night was so fun! Are you organizing one next week?

You guessed my thought @bitcoinparadise . That's right, I like that you liked it, thanks for sharing your opinion.
Good vibes.

wow, I am impressed. The video is well done, in absolutely armony with the music!, I like it.

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words!!!

Did your account stolen. I has seen your transfer to deepcrypto8.
Is this you.

no it is not stolen... this is a binance address...