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This is a compilation of bots and others service that can help you boost your blog for free and for the cheapest price possible. This aims to help the beginners in steemit to earn more upvotes and followers.

Earn Steem and Followers

Smartsteem is where you can sell your votes and earn steem and sbd
SmartSteem Votes.png

SteemEngine can help your content seen by a larger audience, achieve a greater following, earn more SBD. Earn upvote points by upvoting others and earn follower point by following others.

Steemengine Dashboard

MinnowBooster you can sell votes, lease steem power and delegate steem power.


Free Upvote Bots

This are free upvote bot that don't requires registration but can only be access to discord server

@tpotMust join in Discord Tpot
@instainblocksMade by @instantcoin must join in Discord Steemit Upvote Central
@capsAvailable in Discord Timeets BitcoinMee

Paid Services Bot

This is a list of bots that can help you boost your blog by getting an upvote and resteem. The list is from lowest to the highest bid.

@minnowsupport0.001Gives Upvote for every 30hrs must register once in Discord PAL
@drotto0.001Bid 0.001 SBD or more every 270 seconds and get a vote of 0% - 3.13%
@infinitybot0.001Made by @anomaly send any amount of STEEM or SBD with a URL in the Memo for UpVote + ReSteem!
@coolbot0.001Send bid SBD min 0.001 ~ 0.01 max, Max Bids set to 80% bot vote value, 2.4Hr Bidding Rounds
@microbot0.001Bid Bot. Beta. 2.4h bid window, no refund
@upvotewhale0.001Send between 0.001-0.08 SBD / STEEM and I will instantly upvote 2.1x and comment. Include link in memo.
@upvoteph0.001Gives Upvote for every 12hrs must register first in Discord SteemPH
@resteembot0.001Follow for 3 hours,Send a transaction with post URL,, Your post gets resteemed, A post can only be resteemed once!
@socialbutterfly0.001Multiple Bid-Bots Service: You can send any amount with a Url in the Memo and I'll submit the Url to MANY bid-bots
@speedvoter0.001Bids open every 270 seconds.
@getup0.002Send at least 0.002 SBD with the post link as the memo and receive a upvote! For Restreem send 0.050 SBD
@earthnation-bot0.005I am a Minnow-Only bot that gives a 4X Upvote once every 7 days! Send 0.005 for a 0.02 Upvote
@minnowpond0.01Send 0.01->15.0 SBD with your post url as the memo for up to 100+ upvotes, Send 2+ SBD and recieve a free resteem to 9k+ followers!
@resteemr0.01Resteem Service, Send 0.01 SBD/STEEM and URL in memo, New Followers will receive 0.002 SBD
@morwhale0.01Give you From 4 to 30 upvotes of your post after 5 min winding your transfer
@minnowhelper0.01Bid at least 0.01 SBD/STEEM and get a vote for 0%-100% voting power. Bids open every 2.4 hours.
@poetsunit0.01Free Upvote Bot must join Discord Steemit Poets United register and use $upvote command .
@automation0.01Send min .01 SBD/STEEM with a post link in the memo field to get a share of a 100% vote. Votes every 2.4 hrs.
@treeplanter0.01Funds raising & voting bot. PLANT TREES AND GET PAID FOR IT! 0.01 SBD = vote 1.6 times your donation. $1=TREE
@lottobot0.1A lottery bot on the Steem network! Send 0.1 SBD along with a post URL for a chance to win a 100% upvote!
@siditech0.1Send min. 0.1 SBD (no steem) and get upvote of 0%-100% with full voting power every 2.4 hours. Max post-age
@kobusu0.1Manual Curation 0.1 sbd cost: You get resteem 5.5k followers Just send post url in memo to 0.1 transfer.
@shares0.1Send min .1 SBD with a link in the memo. Votes every 2.4 hrs. Invest your SP use link below to delegate.
@broadcast0.1Let's UpGoat a Minnow's quality posts. Sponsored by @Yehey. Must join in Discord SteemChat
@otobot0.2Send 0.200 SBD (0.210 SBD for no comment) To Otobot URL as Memo , 15+Accounts Upvote, and Resteem to 6100+
@resteem.bot0.2Send 0.200 STEEM or 0.200 STEEM DOLLARS and the URL in the memo for a resteem and a 100% upvote.
@iamgrootbot0.5Translation: Send 0.5 SBD and the link of your post for an upvote, comment and resteem. Upvote Worth 1.4$

Discord Community

This discord servers is where you can promote your blog and reach more readers. Remember to always follow the rules of each server. The invite links are set to never expire but If it shows expired, it is most likely due to that server cleaning out their active invites.

BitcoinMeeGet the latest Crypto Airdrops & Bounty
MinnowBoosterMinnowBooster Community 10k+ Members
PAL Peace, Abundance, LibertyPeace, Abundance, Liberty network, home of the Minnow Support Project
SteemPHThis Community Resource exists to support and grow the Philippines Community on Steemit.
Steemit Family PHSteemit Family PH Community 400+ Members
BROTHERHOODBrotherhood Community 800+ members
Money Match GamingMoney Match Gaming Community
SteemengineContent Sharing in Steemengine Community
BuildAWhaleBuildAWhale Community 400+ members
Steem SpeakSteemSpeak Discord is for entertainment purposes 6k Members
PartikoPartiko is a fast and beautiful mobile app for Steem and does not take cuts on your earnings! 1.4k+ Members
CurieCurie Community 4k+ Members
OneLoveDTubeCommunity of creators aimed at supporting one another through development and growth.
REKO STEEMThe main purpose for this group is to mentor,assist new and existing users on the Steem blocks
WhaleshareWhaleshare Community 6.5k+ Members
Steemit Promo ServiceSteemit Discord Server dedicated to help you post your own steemit blog publically on this server
TimeetsTimeets think, write, earn 200+ Members
ChiberaChibera Community 150+ Members
SteemChatSteemChat Community 1150+ Members
SteemSpamXSteemSpamX Community 200+ Members
Steemit TalkSteemit Talk Community 900+ Members
Minnow-PowerMinnow-Power Community 5.4k+ Members
Steem Basic IncomeSteem Basic Income Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible
Steemit Poets UnitedWe strive to provide best environment for new and upcoming Poets and Creatives on Steemit.
The Steem ExperienceThe Steem Experience Community 7000+ Members
Steemit QA RoomSteemit QA Room Community 450+ Members
UpmewhaleUpmewhale Community 400+ Members
Utopian-ioUtopian is the only platform that rewards contributors of Open Source projects by utilizing a decentralized, vote-based reward system.
MinnowUniteMinnowUnite Community 2.5k+ Members
Looking For NicheLooking For Niche community
STEEMPISTEEMPI Discord Community
Steemit Upvotes CentralThis server has been made as an expansion for the INSTAINBLOCKS community
Tpot"Tpot" means "Tea Pot". It basically goes by the idea “Pour yourself some Tea”.
ADSactlyThis server is universal, we talk about all kinds of different topics, crypto-currencies, projects, trading cryptocurrencies, finance, news and yes even Steemit, and so much more.

This is not a complete list if there's something you can add just comment below.

Follow • Upvote • Resteem


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Thank you for mentioning us!

Awesome man, you did it so great!! I was trying to summarize a post like yours but time is limited to make it.!!! upvote and resteem!!

Good post. Thanks for the mention.

Useful guide as for newbies

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Very well detailed post.
I have joined most of the discord group.
Thank you.

Very well detailed
Post. I have joined most of the
Discord group. Thank you.

                 - oadissin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great list, very thorough and thoughtful of you to share! Editing my curation post to include a link to this great post and resteeming!

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