Steem censorship, a battle for decentralization.

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I am a bit blown away with what I have witnessed, since the fork I have been posting on both the steem and hive blockchains,

I would make the same post on both platforms, yesterday I posted this(link to the hive post) at first I was a bit confused the post was gone from steemit, I thought maybe some error happened but when I clicked on my reply messages and noticed I got some replies on the post I realized it was TAKEN DOWN!

I been on steemit since 2017 and have never seen anything like this, I seen spammy and scam posts flagged and grayed out but never removed, if posts are being taken down, that destroys the whole purpose of steemit and compromises the blockchain.

I am still having a hard time believing what is happening, and I will keep posting to both platforms including this post,if any more post get taken down I will consider it a declaration of war and will go on the offensive potentially risking some of the steem power I have (10k) left on the platform.

As of now I am powering down and selling my steem,

Below are the screenshots feel free to see for yourself




Hope you got some value from my post, Thanks for stopping by, your upvote, comments and reblogs are truly appreciated.


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