Steem Price Has Nearly Doubled

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In the last month Steem price has almost doubled and just last night while sleeping we went from $0.42 to $0.46 where we sit now.

There seems to be major driving factors behind it where are more and more games and systems being built on top of the steem network.

Games such as...

Steem Monsters


Moon Steem

But that is not all, a major project went through just yesterday called Steem Engine which lets you trade in steem for Steem Engine Tokens when are then traded for a number of other tokens. This is the SMT (Smart media token) system we have been waiting for from steemit all last year that never came. So hats off to the developers for getting steem engine done and out the door in record time.

With all of this going on it is clear that steem will continue to grow now as more programs are being built on it. No I just wish I would of invest more into steem then what I already have but 23 nearly 24k is not to shabby.

Have a great day all!



This was my week to buy some more but now feel like I am FOMO’ing if I buy now! Waiting for a pullback that may not happen.

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Right there with ya I was so close to sinking 10k into it when it was at $0.25-$0.30 levels but it was a big risk at the time. Would of paid off though lol AAHHHHH

Wouldn't say no to 23-24 ish but to be fair i did pick up some at 22c so not totally unhappy. It's great to see the positive things happening now. Should be a big year.

This is excellent news, especially for Steemit content creators. In fact, trend indicators are longer-term positive - over next 1-2 years. Steemit relatively low price coupled with being among top coins by market cap means there is lots of room for growth.

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I bought at a 1 dollar, twice :( so it is half way to old level for me!

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