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RE: Building a high availability steemd node for web apis

in #steem5 years ago

Thanks, @jesta! This will be helpful to all devs! Quick question - why clone the repo twice and build separately? Can we instead just build once and duplicate the whole folder, all built? This will save time on building.


You absolutely could (in fact I did that as well). I just wanted to outline a bullet proof way to make it work. I've had issues with the blockchain getting corrupted when I cp -r the whole folder to another location, and didn't want others to encounter the same problem :)

Haha, maybe the config and make puts the absolute path into the artifacts? Anyway, love nginx and steemstats!! Thanks for all the hard work

What about taking a snapshot of the final VPS, then spawn a few instances of it and load balancing those? Then there'll be multiple nginx nodes, and the setup with have even higher availability!! =D This way, there won't be a case of possible failure of nginx, otherwise that would be the point of failure.

I was actually doing this while I was mining a few weeks ago, it worked pretty well. And yes, this would increase availability even further, though it would get pricey pretty fast!

You also have to consider that if you use multiple nginx nodes and proxy them to different servers, all of the bandwidth will be multiplied by the proxy. Not a problem though if you're using internal networking, since most providers don't charge for it.

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