Buy some Steem now and thank me later!

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Hi fellow Steemitions,

Just wanted to post a bit of an obvious trade alert...
STEEM @ 0.00043206!
Buy now and thank me later.

Bitcoin is breaking down and taking most of the alts with it.
It´s time to step in and pick up some cheap Steem for your account.

Are we going to see Steem break below 0.0004, there is a lot of support there so grab it if you can get it.

Good luck and safe trading!


Thanks for the tip. STEEM will probably drop a little more before it recovers but I agree it's a good buying opportunity.

Thanks for the comment Eric. Yeah, I never like to guess the bottom, but as I need some Steem power for my account I just can´t help buying in at these rates :-)
I´ll keep picking more up if we continue to drop.

Yes I agree and I'm going to start pumping steem and looking into ad campaigns to further the exposure.

Funny you should say that as i´ve already tested an adwords campaign, linking to my posts, testing the water so to speak. The results were excellent. Good luck mate.

A perfect time for buyers. Get em NOW

Glad to see you´re on it Onealfa. There´s been small pull back but still cheap as chips. LOL
I was looking at the bigger picture. If this platform really takes off we´re looking at over 1,000% profit as just to start with! My humble opinion of course :-)

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